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Black History Audio Book

Apps, teaching tools, quizzes, games and software. Black History Audio Book for Android includes informative stories about famous black history people. The spoken words come directly out of this black history app on your device. No WIFI or internet connection needed.

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Black History Quiz Deluxe

Black History Quiz

Black History Quiz Deluxe for Android is an excellent fact based trivia game for inspiration about people, movements, and pioneers.

We don't distract you with bells, whistles, and score cards. Choose the correct answer to each multiple choice question. The app keeps you in the question until you select the right answer.

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"Black History Quiz is very educational. The app contains multiple choice questions about important African American people who have made noteworthy contributions to the United States."
— Sharon E. Smoot

Black History Museums

Black History Museums

Black History Museums for Android is a collection of 51 African American museums and/or cultural connections across the USA organized by state. There is one museum or connection featured for each state and the District of Columbia.

Read or listen to a story about each museum. Learn more by visiting the virtual site of each museum.

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"Learn more today."
— Hugh Smith

Hip Hop Quiz

Hip Hop Quiz

Hip Hop Quiz for Android dives into the world of hip hop trivia. We have several hundred questions about the artists that make the beats.

You don't have to be an expert to beat the quiz. Multiple choice questions challenge you.

Go East coast, West coast, and uptown funky with Hip Hop Quiz.

"Puts Hip Hop into the center of the entertainment spotlight."
— Hugh Smith

R&B Music Quiz Soul

R&B Music Quiz Soul

R&B Music Quiz Soul for Android is a fun filled walk through history designed for casual music lovers. You don’t have to be an expert to answer these questions. Every decade of the R&B classic soul era is included.

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“Great quizzes on R&B history as well as soul! Questions about B.B. King and other legends spring up immediately as you first open the app. A great way to brush up on music knowledge to impress someone with!”
— theblogsage

Black History Inventors Quiz

Black History Inventors Quiz

Black History Inventors Quiz Deluxe for Android maximizes the fun. You’ll enjoy two great games plus a fact-filled interactive inventor’s directory. Several hundred quiz questions tie it all together. Tap on an image in the inventor’s directory to hear an audio highlight.

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“Originally downloaded the quiz for fun and ended up liking this a lot. The quiz actually ended up including mini games and they are a great way to pass time in between classes but what I enjoyed most was the built in encyclopedia of feats and inventions by black inventors.”
— Kevin Miller

Hip Hop Fingers Game

Hip Hop Fingers Game

Ride the piano keyboard to the beat of sonic tracks as you clobber falling bricks in this fast paced musical game of hip hop fingers for Android or Kindle.

Move those digits back and forth to the beat of multiple tunes.

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“Good, love it. Gave it four stars”
— Alexis Cuetoe

Backpack Bounce Game

Backpack Bounce Game

Backpack Bounce is 3 games. Match, crush, and shooter. Endless fun right now! All of the game characters are backpacks, news school and old school.

Tap the game you want to play, and you're on your way to maximum entertainment.

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“The games are very nice, good pastime!”
— Adriano Ferraro