African American Emojis App

African American Emojis App

African American emojis, AAeMojis for iPhone, iPad, or Android are the perfect black emojis to light up your emotive message. (Add you own captions with the AAeMojis Caption Editor for Android). Express yourself like never before with these classy emojis, perfect for texting everywhere. Charming, flattering, cheerful and proud expressions show your frame of mind at just the right moment with these black emojis. There are no ads in the app. Watch the help video in the app for tips.

Android users: these stickers may not work directly on your emoji keyboard however you may use the app itself to click and share. You do not have to be in the app to use the emojis.

Please watch the video(s) included in the app for super simple instructions. There are two videos for iPhone/iPad and one video for Android.

African American emojis are 160 stickers with a variety of genders and ages. Yes you get all 160 with the app. Seven are animated GIFs. There's a good balance between male and female. You'll get adults, teens, and kids sporting a consistent polished look. Put these high quality stickers radiating positive karma to the test when you need just the right touch for good vibrations.

African American Emojis App

Your personal or message data is safe! We don’t collect it. We are required to ask "Allow AAeMojis (African American emojis) to access photos, media, and files on your device?" We do not have access to any of your photos or files. Our privacy policy doesn't allow it.

Watch the video tutorial in the app for more information including a how-to-use guide to text (the guide is not needed for iPhone/iPad). The app was developed by Quikthinking Software using Android Studio and has been tested on multiple Android phones and tablets. For the iPhone/iPad version we used a MacBook Air and Xcode with testing on an iPhone and iPad.

African American Emojis App

Getting Started

Method 1 is easier and is the preferred method to use.

Finally, you can express your true self. You'll get a lot of use out of the large variety of these very cool emoticons.

African American emojis are truly multicultural. Anybody can sport an inclusive attitude by using these colorful casual characters. You don’t have to be African American to use them. If you fancy yourself as a person of color, go for it!

We highly recommend watching the helpful how-to video(s) included in the app to answer your questions as there are two different ways to use this app. You don't have to be in the app to use the emojis.

"Simply awesome"

Tandi Wilder

"These emojis are awesome for texting. I like the assortment of characters. Great job!"

Anita Jones

"I love this app"


"Excellent emojis. I love them on my Android. Really easy to use."

Dee Park

"I purchased and installed them today. Now I don't have to go to my iphone in order to dress up my messages. This app is supposed to be ad-free. That is why I didn't install the "free" apps."

LaJuana Glaze

Here are in-depth, step-by-step instructions in the 3 minute video below showing you how to use the AAeMojis for Android texting.

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