Black History Audio Book App

Black History Audio Book for Android, iPhone and iPad includes informative stories about famous Black history people. The spoken words come directly out of this Black history app on your device. No WIFI or internet connection needed so you won’t eat up data. You’ll enjoy hearing 32 specially selected biographical Black history stories.

Black History Audio Book is a free black history app for your phone, small tablet, or large tablet. The app was designed to look great on each device size. Our professional storytellers present the subject material biographies: Shenteria Childs, and Hugh Smith from the Quikthinking Software team. Real people with real voices.

To hear the Black history stories, it’s as simple as touch and play. We place the spotlight on important African American legends. Movements and events are important too, so Affirmative Action and Brown vs. Board of Education are included to expand on black history facts.

The segments are just the right length, so you won’t get bored. Black History audio book is the perfect complement to Black History books.

Black History Audio Book for Android is perfect for an introduction or rediscovery of these celebrated Black history people and topics. Grab yours now and load your free audio book app onto your phone and tablet.


Jimmie Holmes Jr.