Black History Express App

Black History Express App is an African American knowledge base and fun quiz game.

Black History Express gives you a thrilling way to discover engaging stories about African Americans all in one place. Within 28 big chapters you'll find art - theater and everything in between. Use the summaries as a reference when you need to find information fast.

You can bookmark your favorite sections to find them quickly for later use. Search easily through all the chapters to find the people who are included in this special showcase. Effortlessly swipe between all of the articles in each chapter. Receive an alert when we add new people into the mix.

Black History Express also includes a completely new quiz game. 98% of the quiz game is based upon the information you'll find in the 28 big chapters of the app. With hundreds of questions, you’ll reinforce your appetite to know a little bit more and to beat the quiz game. When your quiz game 'lives' are gone, you'll see a colorful pie chart Score Card with your right, wrong, and skipped questions with the complete list of questions you tackled. Touch and spin the pie chart to reposition.

Black History facts are at the heart of this app. You'll enjoy the profiles of all of the Black History heroes.

You can share your results with friends and family. The quiz game questions are all new and are not the same as those that make up our solo Black History Quiz apps for Android or IOS.

Get the best of both worlds. Combine some reading with some fun. It’s all here. This app looks great on both phones and tablets.

"It's good, I found out that there's more than I thought I knew and more that I can learn using this"

Anthony Wiggins

"I just finished installing this app to my phone. Not only for the month of February. Cause black history is a year round thing."

Charles Hoyle Sr.

"Learn about your black history the people that you don't even know"

Austin Suleiman