Black History Inventors and Inventions App

From fountain pens, mops, batteries, paints, furnaces, rotary engines to anything you can imagine inventors of color have used brain power to create it all. Their variety of inventions are extraordinary.

Black History Inventors app includes many amazing men and women. Some of these folks exhibited enough creative genius to receive U.S. patents. First introduced in 2011 (for Android), Black History Inventors app for iPhone has been completely updated based on user feedback. You can listen to historical inventor stories through your speaker or headphones spoken by a real person.

Scan through all of the inventors to learn more about their contributions to modern living. Watch the video. Discover inventors. Find out more about African American inventors too.

"Love the app."

Opel Hunt

"Who knew black people invented so much. All I can say is wow, what a wealth of information."

Wayne Hobdy

"Very educational."

Cynthia Smalls

"A lot of information on black inventors. Remember to turn the audio on and you can hear the narrator give even more information about each inventor."


"I love it. It is so informative about African Americans I didn't know about."

Sandra Thomas

"Very good."

Alesia Dean

"It's rare for me to take the effort to review an app, but this one's really is worth it. Overall, this is a great app for anyone interested in learning more about famous black history inventors. This app is jam packed with so much relevant and excellent information. Great job!"


"This is black history they don't teach the children in the classrooms, so it's up to us parents to teach our children about Black American inventors in our homes."

A Google User

"Nice app great work by creators."

A Google User

"Simply outstanding it blew my mind we are literally surrounded by black American creativity that is not being acknowledged or it's denied."

A Google User