Black History Museums App

A collection of 51 African American museums and/or cultural connections across the USA organized by state. There is one museum or connection featured for each state and the District of Columbia. Read or listen to a story about each museum. Discover more by visiting the virtual site of each museum. Touch the photo representing the museum for directions to each location by map. Share the app with your friends. Use the Help tips to easily interact with the app, a Best Mobile App Award Platinum Nominee.

Are you are looking for a national museum of African American history and culture in Washington, DC, Philly, or New York City? How about in Florida, Arizona, Alaska, Texas, Hawaii or Connecticut? Are you travelling to one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia soon and need an interesting activity to round out your visit?

If it's the Black History Museum DC or elsewhere, this app connects you.

Here for you is a simple; straightforward presentation designed for all ages that includes 51 valuable resources. You’ll want to explore them either virtually or in person. The maps give you travel directions for each location. You’ll enjoy paging through these noteworthy stories on your tablet or phone. It can’t get any easier using this app.

If you’ve ever wanted to find a great collection of African American museums across the USA, you’ve found it. Completed in late 2016, we started this project in 2012. Rather than overwhelm you with every USA museum dedicated to black culture, we settled on a selection that gives you an outstanding timeline using a national or local focus. Our professional announcers Shenteria Marie Love and Hugh Smith present the audio summaries for each resource.

Black History Museums are your gateway to a deeper understanding of the contributions that African Americans have made to our culture. You'll use this African American history app often, but explore at your own pace. You might be surprised by what you find!

One museum was founded to tell the story of "Black Cowboys." Another took over 100 years from original vision to final completion. Yet another in Georgia was inspired by former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young.

A famous African American museum still sits in the last building standing of a housing development that was dedicated in 1937 by first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Black coal miners who worked in the Appalachian mountain area are saluted in one state’s people of color museum tribute.

This is one valuable resource that will keep you up-to-date about some of the best black history museums around the USA. Several new ones are being built to continue to celebrate all of the contributions made locally and nationally by people of color in the USA.

There are so many interesting museum narratives that we don’t have enough room here to review them on this page. So grab this African American history app and discover the amazing wealth of stories just waiting for you.

"This is a wonderful resource for discovery or research. Well thought out. The audio summaries are great. I discovered more about each museum with the website connections and maps. An excellent app."

Anita Johnson