Black History People Game App

Black History People Game delivers a fun journey for your imagination. You won't have to think too hard, but you may want to as you recall the Greatest Black History People of All Time. They keep coming as they appear on your mobile screen.

Here is a game that's an excellent starting point to discover an inspiring collection of heroes who may be either famous or unsung.

No previous knowledge is required. We hope you'll want to find out lots more, so come along for the ride!

Black History People Game is a fast keyboard busting trivia experience without questions or simple matches.

You'll know many of the names that float down your screen. Touch the letters on your keyboard to score points. No shifting to upper or lower case required. Forget about backspace. We made this too easy!

You have 3 lives in each session so be on your toes.

There are 30 levels in the game so you'll want to come back for more. In many ways this is a black history month trivia game because you will want to know about the hundreds of people we have included in the app who appear at random.

Black History People Game is the app that literally drops all the names for fast fun. The folks just float down your screen. If you've sent a text message you will just love this game. Note there is no actual texting in the game.

Among black history games ours is unique.

Discover the names of black history heroes as you play along and score. We've loaded the game up with black history month people. This game may inspire you to come up with your own black history month game ideas. Of course you'll love this game any time of the year.

Parents looking for black history games for kids will enjoy this game and so will the kids even though the game was designed for all ages.

Play for a moment, play for a minute, or play multiple levels at a time. You'll be beaming with pride experiencing the free Black History People Game. Connect directly by touching one of these app store badges:

"Awesome game! Loving this game very very much! "

Mahesh Patel

"I am really enjoying this game. Such a simple concept. It is good to think about some of the names from the past. Everybody in the family loves playing this. "

Anita Jones