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Black History Quotes Express App

Black History Quotes Express for iPhone, iPad, and Android lets you find inspiring, motivational, or reflective passages from a hand-picked collection of thought provoking quotations written by very noteworthy black people. These achievers and their quotations are all included in the app.

Quotes are organized by author and by category. We also include random quotes when the app opens (Android version only). This is your quote of the day. Bookmark your favorite quotes or share them with friends and family. You can copy the quotes too.

Black History Quotes Express is an excellent source for quickly finding the narratives inside the app by simply using the search tool. You don't have to be connected online. You don't need Wifi.

There are thousands of author quotes for you to explore and enjoy. Discover Martin Luther King Jr. quotes, Malcolm X quotes, quotes that make you think, quotes to inspire, and quotes by famous people and the not so famous.

Need a special phrase or saying to highlight something you are writing? Dive right into this large collection of passages to find the sequence that best fits your needs.

Black History Quotes Express is the real deal. Developed and researched by Quikthinking as the companion app to our Black History Express quiz game and knowledge base.

"When I downloaded and opened this app, I was thrilled at what I read, and what was said. Now I've just got started with this. But it is sweet. Maybe bittersweet to some. But let's move on, together, or at least try. I'll be digging back into these quotes. There's a lot of people."

M J Wiggins

"Great app to test your knowledge of some of the most iconic and memorable quotes from noteworthy black Americans and if you don't know who said it you learn!"

Tandi Wilder

"Really helped me to know my/our black history..."

Shakeba Powell


Mark Paine

"Very inspiring app"


"Great App. It’s all there"


"Good. Good. Good! Somebody did great work with this app. The quotes are pertinent and inspiring. And it is well-organized."

Will Bontrager