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    • Feedback
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 11/30/2021

    We love hearing from you when you jump on the megaphone to offer your comments or feedback. Here are just a few mentions listed below that we've received. Most of these comments are recent. I do listen to your feedback. These comments are all unsolicited. K. Johnson regarding AAeMojis for iOS via email: "Nice app, thanks." chAregler likes AAeMojis for iOS, App Store Comment: "I love this app." S. McCloud about Thanksgiving Retro Match 3 Game via Google Play: "Happy and grateful for the game." T. D. Qualls loves Thanksgiving Match 3 Game via Google Play: 5 stars Peanut plays Black History People Game for iOS, App Store Comment: "Love it." Jane Mum eats up Pizza Burger Match 3 Game for iOS, App Store Comment: "I down loaded this app yesterday and have really enjoyed it! I think it's my new favorite !!" W. Bontrager comments about Black History Quotes Express for iOS on the App Store: "Somebody did great work with this app. The quotes are pertinent and inspiring. And it is well-organized." E. mathmatic listens to Black History Audiobook for iOS, App Store Comment: "I love the insight they give on black history." A. Wiggins talks about Black History Express for Android, Google Play comment: "It's good, I found out that there's more than I thought I knew and more that I can learn using this just make sure you keep updating there is more out there to know." S. Thomas expresses herself about Black History Inventors for Android, Amazon App Store comment: "I love it. It is so informative about African Americans I didn't know about." Thank you all! Note that these mobile apps are available for iOS and Android except Black History Express which is an Android exclusive (for now). You can always Contact Quikthinking when the spirit moves you! Here's some more insider info for those of you who regularly follow the thoughts that we write. These are the most popular 2021 items in the Quikthinking Swag Shop (in order): Men's Hoodies Men's Premium Sweatshirts Women's Crewneck Sweatshirts iPhone cases Unisex Baseball T-Shirt Teddy Bear Thanks for your support!  

  • 0 Thanksgiving Storytime Video

    • Holidays
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 11/22/2021

    Native Americans, Pilgrims and the Queen. The 1620 search for religious freedom in a foreign land one day to be named America, gets remixed with a new celebration that we now call Thanksgiving. You know the story. Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, history. Since 2007 in various places we've been presenting "Thanksgiving" told by Bama, the Village Poet. He tells the story in a way you may not have heard in high school. For 2021 I have enlarged the captions in the story one more time so it is much easier to read on a mobile phone. Bama's opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect our own beliefs. Watch, listen, and reflect on the story. Remember to celebrate the holiday with Thanksgiving Match 3 Game for iPhone and Android, or Thanksgiving Retro Match 3 Game for Android. Enjoy Thanksgiving week!

  • 0 Black History Names - Arena Spelling Games

    • Games
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 11/18/2021

    The keyboard on your mobile phone or tablet is very important. Two of our games take you into tapping, touching and using your keyboard to construct names or words. First, let's thank the artists we commissioned for the pictures you see, Olivia Burton who drew George Washington Carver, and Julia Liberali who drew Michelle Obama. Black History People Game floats names down your screen. A person's first name is followed by their last name. Touch your keyboard to spell the name before any letters hit the white foul line. Spelling Runners is an arena battle between two players. The keyboard is inside of the stadium field. You are the green runner. Drag your finger to move green runner to the correct letters to complete the word. Both of these games are for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Watch and listen to the video, then learn more about Black History People Game and Spelling Runners Game.

  • 0 Quikthinking Wayback

    • How To
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 11/16/2021

    Regardless of your age, you might want to look back in time into the dawn of online website communication. The creation of dot com, dot org, and dot net websites started to explode as the 1990s were coming to a close. Social media became a new phrase, the watchwords "you got mail" captured a wired generation, and cellphone usage was on the edge of a massive breakout. One of the best ways to see what was happening 'way back when' is to use the online Internet Archive WayBack Machine. 625 billion web pages as of this writing are there to explore. You could argue that one of the reasons why social media is so popular today is that there are just too many solo websites to keep track of. It's too easy to dive into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn along with hundreds of millions of users who use these platforms daily. 'Set it and forget it' is the mindset as you scroll and surf these sites. So what were those social media guys doing back in the day? To find out, say hello to The WayBack Machine. It's a portal designed to be simple and easy to use. Enter the url (uniform resource locator) of the website you are interested in and select the year. Overnight web wonders come and go. The Wayback Machine is a nice way to research who has staying power.  We hit The Wayback Machine for (our website). Here's what we found. You'll see the actual 'home' pages below that TWBM captured from 1996, 2005, 2010, 2015, and 2020. I've added the years to each Wayback Machine 'above the fold' screen shot. 2021 is the 25th Quikthinking website year celebration as a resource for software and app users. We began creating Windows software in the early 1990s. Our migration to mobile apps started in 2011. Enjoy the memories when you explore The Wayback Machine!

  • 0 Pizza For Anytime

    • Games
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 11/12/2021

    Pizza in the morning, pizza for lunch, pizza for supper time. Grab a slice, then enjoy this video featuring the iPhone - iPad version of our Pizza Burger Match 3 Game App. Also available for Android. How much pizza can you get for a dollar in countries outside of the USA? See our "all the toppings post" How To Eat Pizza With Your Game On. Examine the 'dollar value pizza' video there. It's the 2nd video on that page.

  • 0 Veterans Day Appreciation

    Entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. was drafted into the U.S. Army's first integrated unit. Hazel W. Johnson served her country as Chief Nurse for the Army Medical Command in Korea. Army, navy, air force, or marines. All veterans including prominent African Americans have served their country. We salute them and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Film maker James Edwards served in the army, and after service enrolled in drama school under the G.I. Bill. Actor James Earl Jones was another army vet who studied theater after military service under the G.I. Bill. The G.I. Bill was signed into law on June 22, 1944 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt providing educational assistance to service members, veterans, and their dependents.  Harriet M. West was the first Black woman in the Women's Army Corps (WACS) to rise to the rank of Major (August 21, 1943). Fender Stratocaster guitar specialist Jimi Hendrix joined the 101 Airborne Division Paratroopers of the U.S. Army in 1960 only to hurt his back and receive an honorable discharge in the summer of 1962. Chicago's first Black mayor Harold Washington served in World War II as a First  Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force Engineers (1942 - 1946). Roscoe Robinson, a 1982 West Point graduate became the U.S. Army's first African American four star general. See Black History Express App Stories for the General Colin Powell story. Actor Sidney Poitier (army), Medal of Honor recipient Brigadier General Charles C. Rogers (army), and Clifford Alexander (national guard and Secretary of the Army in 1977) all served with distinction. Before stealing baseball bases across America (1947), MLB color line buster Jackie Robinson served in World War II (1942). Jackie was drafted and assigned to a segregated Army cavalry unit in Fort Riley, Kansas. In January 1943, Robinson was commissioned a second lieutenant. The man who would make number 42 famous was then assigned to Fort Hood, Texas, where he joined the 761st "Black Panthers" tank battalion.  In the days before they were allowed to participate in direct active duty women also contributed to national service and deserve a Veteran's Day shout-out. Some of these women were not technically army vets. Educator Mary McLeod Bethune served as an administrator for President Franklin Roosevelt's Office of Minority Affairs and worked as a special assistant to the Secretary of War (1942) to help recruit Black officer candidates in the Women's Army Corps (WACS). Community activist Grace lee Stevens was a national organizer for the Women's Army of National Defense (WANDS) during World War II. You'll find many more veteran contributions in our Black History Express mobile app by searching not only by keywords "army," or "navy," "air force," or "marines," but by others that make sense: "soldier" for example. We have only scratched the surface. Discover much more in our Android App Black History Express Quiz Game and Knowledge Base. 

  • 0 Zodiac Signs Jigsaw Puzzle Clairvoyant

    • Apps
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 11/08/2021

    The Random House Dictionary defines a clairvoyant as "having the alleged supernatural power of seeing objects beyond the range of vision." Clairvoyance according to The American Heritage Dictionary is "the supposed power to perceive things that are out of the natural range of human senses attributed to certain individuals." I had to learn more! Here I am trying to see if my hand-picked world famous clairvoyant is legit. Listen: Your browser does not support the audio element.   Ya, he is. Just ask Queen Elizabeth. Maurice Woodruff described the future of Prince Andrew of England for her.   We don't do astrology predictions here but we love all of your zodiac signs.   Zodiac Signs Jigsaw Puzzle Game app for iPhone or Android offers three different sets of signs for you to construct.   The main image style features human cosmic caricatures for all 12 signs:       Our 2nd style offers a more celestial look into the cosmos.     Next, signs in space give you another perspective.     Grab Zodiac Signs Jigsaw Puzzle for iPhone or Android and complete all 150 levels. Developer Hugh Smith and clairvoyant Maurice Woodruff are featured in the audio clip at the top of this update. 

  • 0 Software Success: How To Master Your Favorite App

    • How To
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 11/05/2021

    While doing some research for a big new project not related to apps, I stumbled upon this article below I wrote way back in 1996! That year I worked part-time at a computer school teaching programming. Hugh Smith at Quikthinking Software (2018) As you contemplate giving thanks during the holiday season, we thank you for your support and offer this legacy look into how I mastered Microsoft Word. Back in the day you could call Microsoft for free, get a support person on the phone for free (usually immediately), and let the support person assist you with your problem related to their software. I reference this in the article, however those days are long gone. In the 1990s I also visited Microsoft in Seattle, Washington, took their tour, and closely observed their in-house software duplication process. My interest in their technique was to follow best practices for my own software app CD in-house duplication. The details in the story below apply to most apps and most software today. Many of the online help references have disappeared with social media resources taking their place. I have not edited this 'How To' story. Here it is scanned as an image. Flip your mobile phone into landscape to make the image easier to read. The How-To summary was originally published in T'Byrds Computer Forum Volume 1 Issue 9 November/December 1996. The article appeared in the official conference program... The occasion was the 2nd Annual Computer Technology Conference sponsored by The Showboat Hotel Casino Atlantic City and co-sponsored by The New Jersey Development Authority for Small Business, Minority, and Women's Enterprises.  Not every tip still applies, but most of them do point you in a positive direction. Also see our post: An Affinity To Learn Something New.   

  • 0 Thanksgiving Mobile Games Times Two

    • Apps
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 11/03/2021

    Thanksgiving Match 3 Game has been a year-round surprise for me. Winter or summer, spring or fall, fans are always enjoying themselves playing the game. We created a replacement version for the 2017 original in September, 2021. Laurel S. wrote and said "I don't like the update I like the original game where you click on your matches and not swap them!" Fair enough. I decided to bring back the original 2017 version of Thanksgiving Match 3 Game for Android based on Laurel's feedback (now called Thanksgiving Retro Match 3 Game) . As you'll see in the video below, touch to match is all it takes in the retro game. The newer companion Thanksgiving Match 3 Game for iPhone or Android is a swap to match game. The iOS version of the game has always been a swap to match challenge. Get into the holiday spirit or boost your fun factor anytime you want with Thanksgiving Retro Match 3 Game for Android or Thanksgiving Match 3 Game for iPhone or Android. Watch the video 29 second video (there is no sound): 

  • 0 The New Mobile Phone Shortage Quick Fix

    • How To
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 11/01/2021

    Andrew was a former co-worker who constantly swapped his mobile phone for a different model so frequently that it was not unusual to see him with 3 different phones within a 3 month period. A mobile phone of the month club didn't exist. Andrew was just in pursuit of his ideal cell phone. Suppose you want the latest and greatest device to run that cool new app but getting a fresh iPhone or Android is questionable thanks to supply chain issues. Our Vintage iPhones sitting on a MacBook Pro According to, 113.5 million used cars/trucks were sold in the USA when you add these three years together: 2010, 2015, and 2020. In 2020, 39.3 million used vehicles were sold along with 14 million new rides (53.3 million total). So, 74% of USA auto sales in 2020 were pre-owned vehicles. If Americans are so trusting with used cars and trucks, a significant purchase for most people, why is there such a lack of trust for used phones (and such a rush for brand new cellular phones)? Here are two cost-friendly alternatives to the $1200 price tag you might face when attempting to score that new phone. (Full disclosure - we have happily used both services below multiple times to purchase used phones and do not receive any compensation for recommending them). Back Market - "Your Refurbished (Super) Market" Generally a large selection of pre-owned phones, tablets, laptops and computers with a selection of certified renewed. Cellular Country - "Used Cell Phones" A large selection of phones to choose from. Prices are slightly higher than Back Market. I can't remember the last time I purchased a brand new phone. All of the phones we've gotten from Back Market and Cellular Country have been issue free. Read the descriptions carefully on their websites to ensure you are getting the most value for your dollar. There are times when you may have to have the newest phone. For instance there are certain new iOS features that will only run on an iPhone 7 or above. As a mobile app developer this is important for me to know so we don't cut out users with older phones when trying to decide on certain app changes. Another developer option is to target the most recent mobile devices so you can pile on the latest operating system bells and whistles (iOS or Android). Many app creators do this. If you like to lease (to buy), getting the newest phone might appeal to you using monthly payments. If you like to buy immediately for a smart discount, your best bet is a feature rich pre-owned phone. Read more about our personal specific phones in Sizing Up Thanksgiving Match 3 Game Screens.

  • 0 You: The Always Quikthinking Supporter

    • Shop
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 10/27/2021

    You probably need a new sweatshirt, hoodie, T-shirt or accessory that's just right for gift giving. If not, how about some swag that's just right for you! Each item in our Always Quikthinking Shop can be super customized for your particular taste so it's picture perfect. Enlarge or reduce the size of the custom logo if you choose. You can even move the logo within a large boundary until it looks exactly the way you want it. Of course there are a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Our shop is not new. It's been in operation for over a year, but we didn't promote it at all beginning in September 2020 (except for a brief mention) for two reasons. 1) The COVID-19 pandemic and 2) We wanted to test the shop for a year to make sure the shopping experience was top notch. It is. So grab some gear to wear, to give as a unique gift, or to donate to a worthy cause. The Always Quikthinking Shop lives on the SpreadShop website. You'll go there to discover all of the goods. Don't forget to customize for a nice tweak. Thanks for your support!  

  • 0 Black History Express App Stories

    Three familiar faces: President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and former first lady Michelle Obama. Custom portraits of the Obamas sketched for Quikthinking Software by artist Julia Liberali. General Powell passed away on October 18, 2021. Powell (1937 - 2021) was born in Harlem, New York on April 5. During his distinguished career, he served as a four-star general, National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State, and as the mastermind of operation Desert Storm (against Iraq). He entered City College of New York in 1954 as an engineering student. He switched his major to geology one semester later, then entered the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). Powell credits ROTC for giving him an important life change direction that was very influential in shaping his character. The story of Powell, the Obamas, and hundreds more are included in our popular Android mobile App Black History Express. Black History Express is a story based collection of biographical information paired with a trivia quiz game for you to enjoy. Dive in, explore the stories, and discover more from the link above to download. Here's the original Black History Express digital press kit on our website:    

  • 0 iOS and AAeMojis Sticker Help

    • Apps
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 10/13/2021

    You may not use emojis as much as you used to, but your family, friends and neighbors might still be all in the game! Some of the folks you personally know may have joined the thousands who just had to have our AAeMojis: 159 stickers with a variety of genders and ages for iOS and Android. Cynthia L. recently contacted us saying "I cannot get the emojis on my iPhone 12." Here's what you can do to put these AAeMoji stickers on your iPhone or iPad to charge up the expression in your messages. Watch this helpful 59 second video below. I do a clean installation to an iPad. It's the same process for your iPhone.  

  • 0 Halloween Headliner: QuikMoji App Just for Fun

    • Apps
    • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
    • 10/06/2021

    For the young at heart or the young ones in your circle. Just for fun, it's Halloween QuikMoji Game for Android (recently updated). Match the spinning Halloween heads using the slow, medium or fast game controls. Start begins the spin, Stop ends the spin. Did you get a match? Here's the game in the video below. 

  • 0 Audiobooks on the Go

    On long 3 hour car based weekend commutes across three U.S. states between home and office, I always looked forward to listening to short and longer form audio entertainment. Happily we eliminated this torturous commute several years ago after doing it for 17 consecutive years! Some of these audio vignettes we engaged with were downloaded MP3 or WAV files to a mobile phone. Some of them were podcasts (an audio or video recording). Some of them were radio features. Keeping up with podcasts was always annoying because of the technical tightrope walked between the subscription, download, and playback process. It always seemed as though I was behind the weekly episodes as the new podcasts dropped into my mobile device. What makes audiobooks so wonderful? Simplicity. The ones that don't require subscriptions are the most convenient. You can stay updated on subject material that drives your interest. You can learn more about the things you are really passionate about. Audiobooks also have great entertainment value. Here are three of our iPhone - Android audiobooks you should listen to. Black History Audiobook puts together 30 specially selected biographical Black history stories read by either a female or male announcer. With thousands of free downloads between Android and iOS, this one is our most popular audiobook. Discover more about Black History Audiobook. With 25 chapters reviewing strategies and tactics for approaching the task of finally kicking the cigarette habit Quit Smoking Audiobook is well worth the investment. I recommend you also checkout the article Blowing Cigarette Smoke During a Pandemic that we wrote revealing what the professionals in the medical field have to say about smoking and a health crisis. Finally, there's Brain Health Fitness, a three hour audio presentation that reviews brain enhancement strategies. Audio segments are conveniently presented in 15 minute sections. You can listen to the 12 chapters by topic in any order you choose. See the disclaimer about the material while you learn more about Brain Health Fitness Audiobook for Android.

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