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    James Forten, Sarah Goode, Jan Matzeliger, and Madam(e) C.J. Walker are just a few of the 50+ creators presented featuring quick audio stories in the Black History Inventors mobile app. This is one of our most popular titles for both iPhone and Android. Above are screen shots from the iPhone version. In the Android version just touch the pictures to listen to the short audio stories. Enjoy Black History Inventors.  

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    • Games
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 04/01/2020

    Billions of people do millions of activities. What do you do? The narrative of work, fun, leisure or responsibility can paint a brilliant mind picture of people engaged doing something wonderful. It's time to salute everyone who makes a colorful contribution to living. You'll find just that in the People Jigsaw Puzzle game mobile app. It's a visual salute to folks who do what they do. Enter the nurse, doctor, artist, painter, guitarist, sculptor, farmer, cashier, DJ, drafter, teacher, laborer, postal worker...you get the picture. These are just a handful of the jigsaw puzzle people you'll find as we spotlight our colorful world citizens. People Jigsaw Puzzle for iPhone, iPad, and Android includes 50 easy, 50 medium, and 50 hard levels for a total of 150 ways to have fun. Each level has a countdown timer based on the difficulty. Watch the video below then grab People Jigsaw Puzzle game app from your favorite app store for free or read more about People Jigsaw Puzzle app here. This app was launched on April 1, 2020 (no joke). It's real!

  • 0 Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle App Back Story

    • Games
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 03/27/2020

    Old mobile game apps never die, they just fade back in! We mentioned last time that there is a back story we would reveal about Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle Game app. This zodiac signs game app was introduced in March 2020 for iPhone, iPad, and Android. First, take a look at the new game video... Now, let's go back to 2014. We had reasonable success with another zodiac themed game: Find The Difference Quik 3. It was the third in our series of spot the difference games. In the game two pictures are placed side-by-side. You locate up to five differences between the pics. Since time marches on, we no longer include these three games in our app portfolio. However, we always desired to bring back the zodiac theme into another game. Six years later, Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle game app was created (in 2020) using many of the same images from the Find The Difference Quik 3 app. Here's the original Find The Difference Quik 3 thirty second promotional video from 2014 exactly how it was featured with no new editing or changes.   

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    • Games
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 03/20/2020

    Right now is the perfect time for some mental escapism. If we can get our minds away from the global problems of the world for just a few minutes, that's a good thing. In the world of mobile apps, to get an app into an app store requires a formal review by the store. The app is screened using an automated process along with a real human if necessary. All apps submitted to Apple are vetted by a real human. Isn't that nice to know!  Normally, when we submit a new app to the Google Play store, it takes approximately 3 hours for approval. As we write this on March 20, the Play Store states "due to adjusted work schedules at this time, we are currently experiencing longer than usual review times. Please expect review times of 7 days or longer."  Wow! Talk about an international pandemic crisis that affects everyone! We submitted Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle game to both Google Play and the Amazon App stores on March 19. Luckily Amazon approved the app on March 20. Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle is a drag and drop mobile game. Drag the puzzle pieces onto the picture board to solve the puzzles. Easy, medium and hard modes. 150 total levels. Game artwork is universal and inclusive. Although the iPhone and iPad versions of this game are also finished, I believe it will take another 3 to 4 days to wrap up the submission process to Apple. Once they get the app, who knows how long it will take for approval? There is another back story about this app we'd love to tell you about. When all three major app stores have released the app, you'll be the first to get the story here. For our Amazon Fire Tablet fans, you can ace all of the signs playing the Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle game app right now. It's available for free in the Amazon app store. Update March 22: Approved and now in The App Store for iPhone - iPad Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle game. Update March 24: Approved and in Google Play, Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle.

  • 0 Zodiac App Mystery

    • Games
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 03/13/2020

    There are twelve signs in the Zodiac. The sun spends approximately one month in each sign. You probably know your sign. Let's quickly share all of the details about these symbols from a past year. These dates change from year to year... Sign  Symbol  Dates        Aquarius Water January 20 - February 18  Pisces Fish February 18 - March 20  Aries Ram March 20 - April 20  Taurus Bull April 20 - May 21  Gemini Twins May 21 - June 21  Cancer Crab June 21 - July 22  Leo Lion July 22 - August 23  Virgo Virgin August 23 - September 23  Libra Scales September 23 - October 23  Scorpio Scorpion October 23 - November 22  Sagittarius Archer November 22 - December 21  Capricorn Goat December 21 - January 20 You won't have to know anything about astrology or horoscopes to play a brand new mobile game app that we'll be releasing soon. The Android version is done. Now it's on to the iOS version for iPhone - iPad. What kind of game is it? Stay tuned. Here's a small reveal. It has 150 levels.  

  • 0 Hip Hop Fingers Fly

    • Games
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 03/06/2020

    Join us for a throwback look at one of our early successes that continues to win fans today. See how you can check out the mobile game action below.   What is Hip Hop Fingers? It's one of our very first Android apps released in 2012 on Google Play. With well over 60,000 downloads across app stores this music rhythm game continues to have lots of fans.     You won't find it on our website unless you search for it using the website search box as we are focusing now on more recent apps. Don't worry. We give you the link below. Thanks for reading!   By the way. Note that the website search box is different from the blog search box.   What we love and you'll love about this 'small in storage size' app is that Hip Hop Fingers will still run on any version of Android including older phones or tablets.   Hip Hop Fingers has nothing to do with the music genre hip hop, just as the Robinhood trading app has nothing to do with Sherwood Forest or a band of merry men.   Hip Hop Fingers refers to touching the mobile keyboard using your hands in the game to make a short leap with your fingers. Some people didn't get it so you can ignore any hater reviews in the stores.   Watch the newer Hip Hop Fingers Game video on Facebook as our sax man blows some cool pseudo “bird” and some awesome “trane” (Charlie Parker, John Coltrane) along with developer Hugh Smith who plays the game (that's me!).   In the video, our second bonus music track changes the mood into something completely different! There are 12 music tracks in the game including the two you hear in the video. Enjoy!   You can join the free fun and grab Hip Hop Fingers now on Google Play http://bit.ly/2vdKj1W or see the original app video and eyeball the info on our website https://www.quikthinking.com/hip-hop-fingers-game.html

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    We love social media but we are very disciplined about using it. We would have never been able to create over 50 mobile apps since 2011 without exercising social self-control. That said, we know you get a lot of fun, information, or valuable exchange of ideas from social networks. Opinions matter too. There is no lack of a view point online. In the digital world, you may like the instant speed of a tweet. The visual electricity of Instagram might attract you. You too may watch YouTube video. Facebook fosters it's own sliding scale of reality to be trusted or not. Within my own family there are a few social media Luddite champions! Luddites were English workers who destroyed machinery in the early nineteenth century because they believed their jobs were going to be threatened because of automation. Recognize the similarity to today? Whatever you personally think about the rise of social media as a form of human communication, it is here to stay. It will continue to change as technology marches on. I like responding to the feedback we receive on our social media channels. Most of the feedback comes from Facebook via non-app pages that we also run. More comes by email from app users who need support. We are happy to support you! Pick your favorite way of reaching out, and we'll see you there... Facebook - QuikthinkingSoftware Instagram - QuikthinkingSoftware1 Twitter - Quikthinking Youtube - QuikthinkingSoftware  

  • 0 Top 10 Mobile Apps for February 2020

    • Apps
    • by Hugh Smith
    • 02/20/2020

    February 2020 has been a record breaking month for us with a week left to go. We are happy to be able to give back to you with some of our most popular mobile apps. Here is the top ten ranked from highest at #1, with Black History People Game (Android version) skyrocketing to the top spot after a January 24, 2020 release. The iPhone version of the game plays the same way, so help spread the word! Explore all of our Quikthinking Software apps, games, teaching tools, and audio books.

  • 0 Black History Quotes Express App Bonus Video

    Black History Quotes Express continues to be one of the most popular mobile apps we've created. I use it all the time to find quotes that I need. There are thousands of author quotes for you to explore and enjoy. The keyword search is a 5 star winner. Look for a theme "happy" or an author name "Wells." You'll get results as the entire database is searched. Read more about Black History Quotes Express, or add this impressive collection of prose to your mobile phone right now: http://onelink.to/bhquotesexpress. In the 3 minute plus video I demonstrate how to use the app on both an iPhone and on an Android.

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    Black History People Game App, the fast paced interactive keyboard busting trivia experience featuring the names of black history people floating down mobile screens in bubbles is out and in the app stores. Watch me play the game live in real time. 30 levels, 3 lives, one chance to get it right! You won't see me play 30 levels, but in the 3 minute video I give you a good taste of what this game is all about by playing a couple of rounds. If you are a journalist please contact Quikthinking Software if you would like access to the digital press kit or press release. Not familiar with all of the famous or unsung icons in the app? Try some of our text based or image based apps to discover more about all of these great people: Black History People, Black History Express, Black History Quotes Express.      

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