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0 Audiobook Assembly Anecdotes To Learn From

Plan 'B' might have to be your go to solution if plan 'A' fails!

When producing an audiobook, your best made plan might lead you down an alternative highway if a wrong turn is taken.

Five voice talents were auditioned for my project. The winner was a guy with FM broadcast experience. Great! He fit the bill.

Five voice talents

It was the second week in July, 2023. July is a long month. Four weeks later when the project was not delivered as promised, my voice talent asked for a two week extension. No problem.

The middle of August had just arrived. I gave the talent a second two-week extension to record this nearly 40,000 word book as he had only completed:

  • Opening credits
  • Preface
  • Chapter One

Professionals have to meet deadlines. Since the Labor Day holiday had just arrived, and my talent could not meet deadlines, he had to go. Dude was released and fired.

I received a full refund for a large deposit that was put into escrow. 

When your intuition tells you something is not right, you implement plan 'B,' your backup plan.

Plan 'B' action came early

On the day the first extension was granted to the talent at the end of 30 days, an alternative reader began to record the audiobook simultaneously. This was not  disclosed to the first talent.

The second voice talent took eight weeks working part-time to finish the read. Not bad! Once the audio level matching, editing, and fine tuning was complete, audio files had to be converted to ACX, Audible, iTunes and Amazon requirements.

Powerhouse Radio: Rough Roads, Radiance and Rebirth; My True AM - FM -Satellite - And Audio Streaming Survival Story audiobook was finally submitted to those gatekeepers in early December, 2023 and approved on December 8.

It is available right now. That's good, because the promised audiobook release date was January 3, 2024.

A six month pre-promotion period was a perfect buffer zone for unexpected issues. The paperback version of the book was submitted to the publisher BookBaby on June 1, 2023.

I hope you enjoy my story. If you didn't guess, the second voice talent who made the cut to tell my story was me.

Powerhouse Radio Book

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Audiobook Assembly Anecdotes To Learn From
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