• 0 Classic Soul Cassette Widget in Tune with Technology

    December 18, 2008 update: Like many online projects, Mixwit did not last. They shut down operations on December 31, 2008, so the link to their site and the related audio is gone. ------------------- It's not April 1st yet, and this is not a joke. Here's a really cool flashback to the golden days of those cassette based songs, now reincarnated inside of a contemporary web based music player. I skipped over both music cassettes and 8-track tapes back in the day and went right from vinyl to CD, so finding this retro music widget reminded me of friends who always had their cassette tapes eaten by their car cassette players. This widget has lots of personality! The particular song I found and placed in the widget is "Funky Mule," written by Buddy Miles, performed by an unidentified band. If you know who the band is, please let us know. Mouse-over the picture to see the pause and stop buttons (after you press the start button). You can check the widget out from Mixwit. Previous Post | Next Post

  • 0 Luther Vandross, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, & Diana Ross on January 24th

    Here are some memorable moments credited to January 24th: 2004 - Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake perform the "wardrobe malfunction" halftime act at Super Bowl 38 in Jacksonville, Florida. 1987 - Luther Vandross has the number 1 R&B song, "Stop To Love." 1982 - Diana Ross sings the national anthem at Super Bowl 16 in Pontiac, Michigan. 1970 - The Chairmen of the Board have their first and biggest hit, "Give Me Just a Little More Time" (#8 R&B, #3 pop). Previous Post | Next Post

  • 0 Janet Jackson Flashback and Feedback

    10 years ago today in 1998, Janet Jackson received her 18th gold record for the song "Together Again." At the time, her accomplishment put her in first place among female artists with the most gold singles. Janet has just released a brand new single, "Feedback," available via iTunes and Yahoo! Previous Post | Next Post

  • 0 Chuck D Celebrates Public Enemy's 20th Anniversary at CES

    Public Enemy is celebrating their 20th Anniversary with the release of How Do You Sell Soul to a Soul-less People Who Sold Their Soul? The album hit the streets in August, 2007. Chuck D, (bottom left in the Public Enemy photo, next to The Flavor of Love TV reality show star Flavor Flav), is in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES - January 7 - 10) to promote the launch of the music web site The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas is hosting a special event for the launch. Previous Post | Next Post

  • 1 Thanksgiving Message from Bama the Village Poet

    The Last Poets, Gil Scott-Heron, Nikki Giovanni, Sekou Sundiata, and others have married music with the spoken word to deliver powerful political messages. Another artist of this genre is Bama the Village Poet. Though mostly forgotten, his Ghettos of the Mind, released in 1974, delivered an array of entertaining, ironic, sarcastic and witty words scored to the beat of musicians Bernard Purdie, Cornell Dupree, Richard Tee, Gordon Edwards, and Billy Jackson. Bama observed the world, and he critiqued it, with humor and eloquence. Here's the original vinyl album cover complete with my hand written notes. Listen to his classic piece, "Thanksgiving." It's no turkey. 2021 Update: Watch / Listen below to the updated HD (high definition) "Thanksgiving" production courtesy of our sister website Previous Post | Next Post

  • 0 The Dells Stay In Your Corner

    The Dells are among a small group of unique vocal groups who bridged the transition between 1950's doo-wop and 1970's classic soul. 3 Delights from The Dells: "Oh What A Night" "Stay In My Corner" "I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue" Like Ray, Goodman and Brown, (formerly The Moments), The Dells borrowed from the harmonies of the doo-wop era, creatively integrating fresh vocals into the changing style of R&B as the group moved forward. "Stay In My Corner" was a #1 R&B hit for The Dells in 1968. "Oh What A Night" was a #1 R&B hit for the group in 1969. The Dells first recorded the song in 1956 reaching #4 on the R&B charts using the song title "Oh What A Nite." Through 1992, The Dells had 47 charted R&B hits. Travel through the years with The Mighty Dells on their official website to discover their amazing story. Previous Post | Next Post

  • 0 The Dynamic Classic Soul of Betty Davis

    In the past couple of years, I've received an incredible number of requests asking if I have the legendary classic soul album by Betty Davis, Betty Davis. Yup, and here it is. The LP is leaning against a microphone boom while sitting on top of a turntable in the studio. Betty Davis was briefly married to trumpeter Miles Davis. On this album, released in 1973, she's joined by musicians Larry Graham and Hershall Kennedy (of Graham Central Station). Sly & The Family Stone's drummer Gregg Errico produced the release. Pointer Sisters Anita and June join the fun with other background singers on the session, including Sylvester! (the "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real" guy)... Journey guitarist Neal Schon is prominently featured on several tracks. Betty was raw and extreme in her vocal approach. She wrote and arranged all of the music on this album too. Ms. Davis cooked up some dynamic funk with a rock edge, similar to later solo efforts by Nona Hendryx of LaBelle fame. Enjoy a 60 second segment of the Betty Davis track "If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up." Previous Post | Next Post

  • 0 Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Hammer, & Paula Abdul Grab the Original MTV Video Music Awards

    Do you remember when MTV played just music videos? If you do, then you remember the early days of the MTV Video Music Awards. 1984 - Michael Jackson wins 3 MTV Video Awards in year one: Best Choreography, Best Overall Performance, and Viewer's Choice for Thriller. 1985 - Tina Turner wins the Best Female Video award for "What's Love Got to Do with It?" 1987 - Paula Abdul wins the Best Choreography award in year 4 for setting up the dance routine in Janet Jackson's "Nasty." 1990 - MC Hammer wins Best Dance Video and Best Rap Video for "U Can't Touch This" at the 7th annual MTV Video Music Awards. Still going strong after 23 years. See you next September. Previous Post | Next Post

  • 0 Tina Turner Turns it on One More Time

    The 7 continent 9 city 2007 Live Earth concerts proved once again that it takes more than good looks and charisma to turn on stadium sized crowds. You need the musical chops to "get over" with credibility in order to please audiences. When Tina Turner headlined at Wembley Stadium, (one of the Live Earth venues), 7 years ago, she proved why she was deserving of her 1991 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tina is also in the Guinness Book of Records for drawing the biggest crowd by a solo performer: 180,000 fans at Rio de Janeiro's American Stadium in 1988. Who was the first woman ever to perform at the Palace of Versailles in France? Ms. Tina of course. Her 4 decade career is captured in a 90 minute 2000 performance called Tina Turner: One Last Time Live in Concert, recorded on the final night of a two night gig at London's Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 fans. We're treated to a moving stage, electrifying pyrotechnics, and a Tina Turner performance that leaves the audience, dancing, singing, and shouting for more. This performance wrapped up Tina's Twenty Four Seven Millennium Tour 2000, and includes these songs: "I Want To Take You Higher" "Absolutely Nothing's Changed" "Fool In Love" "Acid Queen" "River Deep, Mountain High" "We Don't Need Another Hero" "Better Be Good To Me" "Private Dancer" "Let's Stay Together" "What's Love Got To Do With It" "When The Heartache Is Over" "Help" "Whatever You Need" "Sittin' On The Dock of The Bay" "Try a Little Tenderness" "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" "Addicted to Love" "Simply The Best" "Proud Mary" "Nutbush City Limits" "Twenty Four Seven" Over the next 12 months, you'll get a chance to check out this concert on television one more time on many PBS stations who will air Tina Turner's hot Wembley Stadium performance. Previous Post | Next Post

  • 0 TSOP Philly Flashback

    We've been featuring interesting magazine covers from my personal magazine archive on recent consecutive Wednesdays. Today is the 5th of a 5 part series with an October/November 1980 cover of Blues & Soul saluting Philadelphia International Records. It's a TSOP Philly Flashback. I have removed the names of some of the artists from the lower left-hand panel. Can you identify all 10 artists on the cover? 2021 Update: Contest is over and we selected a winner. If you can, we'd like to reward you, (a true 'Philly Sound' lover), with some Memphis soul! The first person to name all 10 artists on this cover will win a copy of the new 2 CD set, Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration. Leave your guess in a comment. All 10 artists must be named in the same comment. This is Magazine Flashback part 5 of 5 See Magazine Flashback part 1 of 5 See Magazine Flashback part 2 of 5 See Magazine Flashback part 3 of 5 See Magazine Flashback part 4 of 5 ----- Previous Post | Next Post

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