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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 05/15/2007

Con Funk Shun - (left to right), Ron Moton, Eric "EQ" Young, Michael Cooper, Karl Fuller, Felton Pilate, Brian Collier, Kurt "KC" Clayton.

High school friends Michael Cooper, Louis "Tony" McCall, Karl Fuller, Paul "Maceo" Harrell, Dennis Johnson, Cedric Martin, and Danny "Sweet Man" Thomas formed the original Con Funk Shun in Vallejo, California.

Felton Pilate would join the group soon after.

Con Funk Shun worked with the Stax label in the early 1970's as the backup band for the Soul Children.

Mercury Records signed Con Funk Shun in 1976. "Ffun," their first hit, was written by Michael Cooper. Cooper and Pilate would eventually share the lead vocal work on most of the Con Funk Shun hits.

I've always admired the style, sound, and precision of this group. They definitely are a crowd pleaser.

Con Funk Shun Entree:

  • "Ffun"
  • "Got to be Enough"
  • "Love's Train"
  • "Indian Summer Love" (instrumental)

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Felton Pilate's Con Funk Shun Energy
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