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0 Harvey Mason Sr Talks Marching in the Street

Drummer Harvey Mason Sr. was 28, and I was 24, when we chatted up a storm live on-air in the WUSS 1490 AM Atlantic City radio studios. We discussed the life of a studio musician, growing up in the shore resort, and the release of Harvey’s first solo album, Marching in the Street.

Kingsley H. Smith and Harvey Mason Sr.

The conversation happened on a chilly, January day in 1976. In 2024, you can say that Harvey humbly reflects a persona of understated confidence.

It goes without saying that you need a lot of talent to sustain a '50 year plus career.'

In the video you’ll learn how the teenage Harvey played with his home town musical group while he matured in Atlantic City, New Jersey, before going on to be one of the most requested players for studio sessions among the greats.

I had only been at WUSS for fourteen months, in what was my first full-time on-air gig. My entire story is in the highly rated audiobook, eBook, and paperback Powerhouse Radio: Rough Roads, Radiance, and Rebirth available at Amazon and other online retailers.

Experience, Credentials, Expertise

If you are not impressed by the artist shout-outs you'll hear in the video, check out this incredible list of Harvey Mason artist credits on his website.

Harvey Mason Sr. attended Berklee, one of the leading institutions for music, dance, and theater study. He graduated from the New England Conservatory.

Here's my nine minute and change, exchange with the amazing Harvey Mason.

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Harvey Mason Sr Talks Marching in the Street
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