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0 Picture Sleeve Pop Memorabilia

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 05/19/2022

What are picture sleeves? They are physical paper covers that protect 45 RPM singles. Collectors dig deep to get their hands on these artistic sleeves.

I've digitized my entire collection of picture sleeves to share with you. The Picture Sleeve Pop picture parade lives at PictureSleevePop.com.

There are four sections to the website:

  • Classic Pop
  • Classic Rock
  • Classic Soul
  • Classic Christmas

We add new sleeves as our collection grows. The individual sleeves have been downloaded thousands of times. Grab one for your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop as wallpaper.

In my library I have both the sleeves and the songs that go inside! Here are two new ones waiting to be added to the collection.

What is the problem with this one:

Pointer Sisters Goldmine

Yikes. It's the "B" side of the sleeve. The "A" side is super boring with just the artist name and the featured song "Goldmine" in relatively small text.

There is no image at all.

RCA made a big mistake by not putting "The Pointer Sisters" name on the "B" side too. They didn't forget to hype the producer.

This is bad 1986 marketing (when the song was released) but I understand. Possibly it was an attempt to broaden the audience for the group without showing their picture on the front of the sleeve.

"Goldmine" is a nice pop song with a funky groove. Too bad "Goldmine" was a flop.

On this one...

The Beatles Got To Get You Into My Life

You bet their name is on the "A" and "B" side of this picture sleeve! The Beatles. See some of your favorites at PictureSleevePop.com.

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Picture Sleeve Pop Memorabilia
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