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0 QBR Thoughts About the Powerhouse Radio Book

I'd like to thank my editor, proof reader, publisher, special family members, and wonderful friends who provided sparkling feedback after reading copies I provided to them of Powerhouse Radio: Rough Roads, Radiance and Rebirth.

Today, the paperback becomes available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Baby, and other retailers. The audiobook dropped in December, 2023 on Audible and iTunes. EBook launched in Fall, 2023.

Here's a part of what QBR, The Black Book Review had to say in a commissioned review:

"Racial discrimination in commercial radio in America has been a persistent issue throughout its history, reflecting broader societal inequalities having broader implications for communities, as it affects the types of stories, music, and cultural content that reach audiences."

"Lack of diversity in content creation result in a limited representation of the tapestry of American culture. But Smith allows little of this to thwart the passion for his work or his persistence in achieving his measures or learning from the greats in the business on either side of the microphone."

"He is technically astute – generously sharing hard earned "how-to's" – and is gifted in his craft. And he spills tea on music artists and influencers, known and lesser known, giving backroom details that only an insider could know."

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QBR Thoughts About the Powerhouse Radio Book
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