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0 RnB And Hip Hop Quiz Trivia

  • Games
  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 09/23/2021

In a couple of years we'll mark fifty years of hip hop! Some of you know that I write iOS and Android apps for mobile devices.

As I worked in radio playing music on-air coupled with similar leisure efforts at home, I've always paid attention to the rhythms, beats, and musical grooves.

One of my apps that surveyed the legacy classic song parade is RnB and Hip Hop Quiz. It's a trivia game that focuses on both genres. 

Here's a quick 14 second teaser video featuring RnB and Hip Hop Quiz Game app for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Find out more on the App Store for RnB and Hip Hop Quiz trivia.

  • Questions with images
  • True or False questions
  • Questions with multiple answers
  • Turn time limits on or off
  • Reset your progress in the game
  • Select from multiple avatars
  • Game music you can turn off
  • Sound effects you can turn off
  • Fun trophies

The Android timeline for developing this game:

  • RnB Music Quiz Soul was released in 2015
  • Hip Hop Quiz was released in 2016
  • RnB Music Quiz Soul for iPhone was released in 2019


 Original R&B Quiz and Original Hip Hop Quiz

RnB and Hip Hop Quiz for Android was released in 2020.

 RnB and Hip Hop Quiz First Version

It's important to know that I wrote all of the trivia questions myself based on research and personal knowledge. Often I'm contacted by people who want to sell me quiz questions. I always politely decline.

Discover the Android version of RnB and Hip Hop Quiz in Google Play.

Speaking of writing, I've just begun a new project that I hope to finish as soon as possible. You'll discover an eye-opening look at my previous career along with the steps I took to thrive in broadcasting. Stay tuned for periodic updates.

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RnB And Hip Hop Quiz Trivia
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