R&B Music Quiz Soul App

R&B Music Quiz Soul for Android is a fun filled walk through history designed for casual music lovers. You don’t have to be an expert to answer these questions.

Every decade of the R&B classic soul era is included. If you listened to the radio, or hear these songs now streaming online, these trivia questions about the music, artists, producers, and writers will take you back to the days of good times and pleasant memories.

Using R&B Music Quiz Soul could not be easier. Start the app for a question to appear.

Touch the correct answer for the next question to automatically come into view on the screen. Scroll through the questions by touching the Next button.

All questions appear randomly, so there is no predictable sequence.

These questions were written by a classic soul R&B – pop music expert with heavy radio experience who played these songs for many years. He’s also a permanent member of our app design team.

You’ll want to update R&B Music Quiz Soul often as more questions are added to the hundreds planned for this collection. Challenge your memory while updating your knowledge with this fun quiz.

"Great quizzes on R&B history as well as soul! Questions about B.B. King and other legends spring up immediately as you first open the app.

A great way to brush up on music knowledge to impress someone with!"