Thanksgiving Match 3 Game App

Thanksgiving Match 3 Game is fun for all ages. Score as fast as you can while the tasty tidbits of the season bounce all around your screen.

You have a couple of music tracks to choose from to suit your taste. Pick your favorite by touching Pick Music Track. Track one will change to track two, or track two changes to track one. Music can be turned off.

Turn the sound effects on or off too. Thanksgiving Match 3 Game starts automatically after 10 seconds when you open the app. No need to wait though. Just touch the turkey to immediately start playing.

Thanksgiving Match 3 game is great for all ages:

Developed by Quikthinking Software.

Thanksgiving Match 3 Game gets you into the spirit of any season. How many matches can you get every time an item drops down from the top of the screen? 5 matches and above powers-up a really high score.

"Just incredible...!! Superb visuals, smooth as butter...and very addictive... fun to play"

Ashish Kachrola