Black History Inventors Quiz Deluxe App

Black History Inventors Quiz Trivia Deluxe is now included in the Black History Inventors app for Android (Google Play version). You’ll enjoy two great games plus a fact-filled interactive inventor’s directory. Several hundred quiz questions tie it all together. Tap on an image in the inventor’s directory to hear an audio highlight. A Best Mobile App Award Nominee for Education.

Meet the challenge of The Black History Inventors Crush game to score as many points as possible in 60 seconds. You can choose two different music tracks. Want to silence the music? No problem. Turn it off. Turn off game sound effects too. Game images are actual inventions by our noteworthy men and women.

The Black History Inventors Match is the second game we feature giving you 120 seconds to solve the always changing inventions puzzle.

For more about all of the inventors, the African American inventors directory offers pictures, biographies, trivia and audio highlights about every invention.

Even though there are several hundred multiple-choice quiz questions, you can guess the answers, or browse through the inventors directory to discover all of the answers.

Have an ingenious concept for something new? Sketch your creation in the drawing pages to prototype your big idea!

"This app provides a wonderful way to learn about Black History Inventors in a very fun and educational manner. The app not only presents a quiz on the inventors but offers a mini-match game of the products in which they invented, as well as an opportunity to sketch an innovative prototype.

I especially like the biographies of the inventors featured in the app. The biographies are not too long and provide a great overview of the inventors and the products they invented. The app is very stable, I own an android device and it was very easy to get the app on my phone. I have not had any crashes with the app nor any flaws. Such a great app!"

Tasha S.