2 Black History Month Classic Soul Disc Jockeys

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 02/09/2010

It's time to have some fun and go back to those thrilling days in our past when spectacular entertainers thrilled radio listeners.

There will be a quiz, so please join in.

In 1999, William Barlow wrote a great book, Voice Over: The Making of Black Radio.

Mr. Barlow presents an outstanding timeline based story about how enterprising African American voices made their way into communities through radio to entertain, inform, and educate.

I highly recommend this book for those of you interested in the real story about how 'black radio' was created and evolved.

Our purpose here however is the music, so in honor of Black History Month, we present 5 disc jockeys who had a significant impact on their industry, cities, and fans.

You get to guess who is who.

Listen to the 2 minute feature below. Can you figure out the names of all 5 disc jockeys. Maybe you know only one.

But wait. There's another angle to this game. Each disc jockey is featured from an actual vinyl record they released to the public back in the day.

Leave a comment and take a guess about who these folks are.

Some hints: think Windy City, The Big Apple, and The City of Brotherly Love.

At the end of Black History Month, I will reveal who each person is, along with the names of the songs, and the labels they were released on.

These tracks all come from my personal collection.

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  • Irene Morris Clardy

    03/05/2010 20:45

    I attended High School with E. Rodney Jones, Jr. I have wondered for years what has happened to him. Is he related to Rodney Jones Jass Guitarist and Professor at Julliard Music School?
  • King

    03/07/2010 09:45

    Here are the answers:

    Mystery DJ#1 - Frankie Crocker (New York, NY)
    Mystery DJ#2 - E. Rodney Jones (Chicago, IL)
    Mystery DJ#3 - Jocko (Philadelphia, PA)
    Mystery DJ#4 - Dr. Perri Johnson (Philadelphia, PA)
    Mystery DJ#5 - Gary Byrd (New York, NY)

    The songs (all 7" 45 RPM vinyl except "Dr. Jam"):

    * "Confession of Love" - Frankie (Love Man) Crocker with The Moments, (Turbo #0001) (a division of All Platinum) - this track was produced by Sylvia

    * "Right On - Right On (Sex Machine)" - E. Rodney Jones, (Westbound) W-160

    * "Rhythm Talk Part 1" - Jocko (Phila. Int'l) AE7 1197

    * "Dr. Jam" - Men At Play featuring Dr. Perri Johnson, (Sunshine) SG-809-12, (12" single)

    * "Every Brother Ain't A Brother" - Gary Byrd, (Real Thing) RT 100A
          Black History Month Classic Soul Disc Jockeys
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