0 Bobby Byrd's Glow was James Brown's Brightest Flame

Bobby, Maceo, Fred, Clyde, and Bootsy.

Inside most of his funky hits during the 1970s, James Brown triumphantly mentions at least one of his band partners during the jam session.

The notable 5 include bassist Bootsy Collins, drummer Clyde Stubblefield, horn players Fred Wesley & Maceo Parker, and vocalist/keyboard player Bobby Byrd.

Byrd passed away on September 12, 2007. His biggest solo hit was, "I Know You Got Soul," but he's primarily remembered for trading 'shout outs' with James Brown during several memorable funk sessions.

6 of Bobby Byrd's Best:

  1. "I Know You Got Soul" (solo)
  2. "I Need Help" (solo)
  3. "Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved" (with James Brown)
  4. "Soul Power" (with James Brown)
  5. "Talking Loud and Saying Nothing" (with James Brown)
  6. "Sex Machine" (live version with James Brown)

The Hip hop mc/dj duo of Eric B. & Rakim sampled "I Know You Got Soul" in 1986 to reincarnate the Bobby Byrd anthem on the dance floor.

Hugh Gregory's biography of Bobby Byrd picks up the Byrd story in 1953, when he was lead singer and pianist in the Gospel Starlighters. Gregory mentions that James Brown joined Byrd's group that same year.

Brown convinced Byrd to musically move the group from gospel to R&B, so they changed the name from Gospel Starlighters to the Famous Flames.

When the Flames and James Brown parted ways, Byrd joined Soul Brother Number One's new band, the JB's.

As a vocalist, Bobby Byrd's light did not shine as brightly as James Brown's, but Byrd in collaboration with "Mr. Dynamite" produced some of the funkiest tracks in the history of classic soul.

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Bobby Byrd's Glow was James Brown's Brightest Flame
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