2 Donna Summer Lights New Fire with Hotter Stuff

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 04/15/2008

After a 17 year absence, Donna Summer is back in the game with a new release due on Tuesday, May 20, 2008.

Her studio album is called Crayons. Listen to (and rate) 30 seconds of "I'm A Fire," a track from the new collection (below).

The full 7 minute album version of "I'm A Fire" contains world music elements. It's a danceable track with a shifting arrangement that keeps things interesting including a short Latin influenced segment sung in Spanish.

Donna Summer joins Thelma Houston, Diana Ross, Natalie Cole, Chaka Khan, and a few other "mature" classic soul divas to release new material within the past couple of years.

Listen to 30 seconds of the excellent "I'm A Fire."

For a snapshot of her great career, read my review of Donna Summer's autobiography, Ordinary Girl, written in June, 2004.

What can we expect on the new album?

Donna says the record will contain "a menagerie of colors and styles, with hints of different ethnic traditions and sounds."

She continues, "My dream is that when people hear the music it will remind them of their youth, their childhood and the joy and wonderment they felt exploring their first pack of Crayons."

Huh? OK. I haven't played with crayons in ages, but I get the metaphor.

Donna Summer always carried the excess baggage of "The Queen of Disco" label, despite her versatility. Many missed the fact that she's a very talented singer.

Just listen to the Quincy Jones' produced song "State of Independence" for an example of Donna's distinctive depth of style.

She gets the last laugh as a survivor with the power of Sony BMG & Burgundy Records behind this new release.

Here are my 5 Donna Summer Favorites. What are yours?

  1. "Bad Girls"
  2. "Love To Love You Baby"
  3. "No More Tears" (duet with Barbra Streisand)
  4. "Hot Stuff"
  5. "Could This Be Magic"

Get reacquainted with an old friend.

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  • Mai

    04/16/2008 13:27

    This piece about Donna Summer echoes my sentiments almost exactly! Donna is an amazing artist; she has an incredible voice! I truly enjoyed reminiscing about her entry onto the music scene back in the 70's. (Those were the "good ole days.")

    Donna's songs have always held a special place in my heart. And, since I was a Top-40 singer back in those days, I performed quite a few of her hits. In particular, I sang "Last Dance," "Bad Girls," "MacArthur Park," Enough Is Enough"(w/Streisand), and one that many may not remember..."Lush Life".

    King, because of you, I'm gonna go out and buy Donna's new cd! Thanks so much for the heads up!
  • King

    04/16/2008 13:37

    Mai, "Lush Life" is a great jazz standard! I'm sure you made the song your own.

    By the way, there are about 4 different mixes of "I'm A Fire" available now on iTunes for immediate download. The original album version of the song is my favorite.

    We'll still have to wait until May 20, 2008 when the CD is scheduled for release.
          Donna Summer Lights New Fire with Hotter Stuff
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