0 June Pointer's Classic Soul Legacy

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 04/15/2006

Anita, Bonnie, Ruth, and June Pointer are four trail blazing sisters. The fact that they've sustained a long and successful career speaks well for their talent.

I'm personally disappointed that the soulful Pointer Sisters didn't get as much airplay on traditional black radio as they deserved.

June Pointer passed away from cancer in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 11, at the age of 52.

The official Pointer Sisters website has a nice biography of June Pointer (link removed - no longer available), as well as more significant Pointer Sisters stuff of interest to all fans of great music.

When I'm in a public place that plays pop music, I'm fascinated by how when a Pointer Sisters song comes on, people of all ages and backgrounds start singing along (with the effect of lifting their spirits and mood).

So long June. Thank you for your music.

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June Pointer's Classic Soul Legacy
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