2 Main Ingredient Cuba Gooding Sr. Votes for Politics

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 07/24/2007

35 years ago this July, Tony Silvester, Luther Simmons Jr., and lead singer Cuba Gooding Sr.'s "Everybody Plays the Fool" became the Main Ingredient's biggest chart hit.

Anchored by Gooding's vocal charm in the early 1970's, the group had 20 songs glide into the R&B charts through 1990 with various personnel changes along the way.

While his Academy Award winning son Cuba Gooding Jr. has been getting most of the recent family attention, the senior Gooding has several projects in the works.

Cuba Gooding Sr. is scheduled to release a new vocal track in September 2007, called "Politics."

Everybody Plays the Fool: The Cuba Gooding Story is coming to film too. It's a cinema anthology that tells of tragedy and success in three generations of the Gooding Family.

History buffs and classic soul fans should enjoy it.

"Everybody Plays the Fool," and "Just Don't Want to be Lonely," top the Main Ingredient hit list."

Their cover of Brian Auger's "Happiness is Just Around the Bend" is another one of my personal Main Ingredient favorites.

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  • JoAnn Gamble

    07/27/2007 09:43

    Hello, from the very beginning of the Main Ingredents I fell in love with the group and still today I have albums and 8 track tapes and enjoy them,I pray they all continue to be blessed with great health and strength, and contiune to give your public the pleasure of your gift of music.
  • Pearljr

    07/29/2007 11:12

    I just saw Cuba Gooding Sr. sing his heart out with his passionate beautiful voice at Woodley Park in California. He was singing to benefit the American Veterans, sponsored by the Regional Black Chamber of Commerce.

    Thanks for bringing back great memories, and Cookie says the same.
          Main Ingredient Cuba Gooding Sr. Votes for Politics
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