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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 10/09/2007

What are Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes so happy about in this photo?

The pair are celebrating during a photo shoot from their 1979 album Royal Rappin's, a much overlooked release featuring:

  1. "Sweet Music, Soft Lights, And You"
  2. "Feels Like The First Time"
  3. "You Never Crossed My Mind"
  4. "Love Changes"
  5. "I Changed My Mind"
  6. "Do You Wanna Make Love"
  7. "If I Had My Way"
  8. "If You Had Your Way"
  9. "You Needed Me"

Although not a chart topper, the album was a unique collaboration between Jackson, and Hayes, two gritty R&B entertainers who extended their reputations as flirtatiously naughty sex symbols.

As for the music, the songs are thoroughly enjoyable, rolling through some smooth and entertaining tongue and cheek adlibs between Millie and Isaac on both slow and medium tempo tracks.

Favorite songs: the uptempo "Do You Wanna Make Love," and the old Anne Murray hit ballad, "You Needed Me."

Royal Rappin's is a regal effort from a noble king and a majestic queen of soul: Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes.

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  • Kenneth

    10/06/2010 14:29

    i must admit one thing, that the duo of millie and late papa hayes do deserve to have had a sweet album like this one they captioned royal rappings. the track, you never crossed my mind remain evergreen. i must also admit one more thing, that millie and dionne warwick shared one thing in common, i.e the late isaac hayes, as they each had an album with him,i think thats what made them both wives/widows a lot. Rest in peace papa Hayes.
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