0 The Dells Stay In Your Corner

The Dells are among a small group of unique vocal groups who bridged the transition between 1950's doo-wop and 1970's classic soul.

3 Delights from The Dells:

  1. "Oh What A Night"
  2. "Stay In My Corner"
  3. "I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue"

Like Ray, Goodman and Brown, (formerly The Moments), The Dells borrowed from the harmonies of the doo-wop era, creatively integrating fresh vocals into the changing style of R&B as the group moved forward.

"Stay In My Corner" was a #1 R&B hit for The Dells in 1968.

"Oh What A Night" was a #1 R&B hit for the group in 1969. The Dells first recorded the song in 1956 reaching #4 on the R&B charts using the song title "Oh What A Nite."

Through 1992, The Dells had 47 charted R&B hits. Travel through the years with The Mighty Dells on their official website to discover their amazing story.

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The Dells Stay In Your Corner
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