0 A Mary Wilson Supreme Fight for Truth in Music

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 10/11/2006

In my review of Marc Taylor's Book: "A Touch of Classic Soul: Soul Singers of the Early 1970's," I mention that there were two groups of competing Delfonics touring in the 1980's.

William and Wilbert Hart, original members of the Delfonics, each sought to control the name.

Today, there are still bogus groups touring the world using familiar names in an attempt to "get over" while shamming you and me.

In the USA, the "imposter group" fraud problem has been around for years.

Mary Wilson, an original member of The Supremes, has been involved in a battle to pass national legislation to prevent imposter groups from using famous names of 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's performers.

Her legislation requires the presence of a verifiable original group member for the name to be legally used in a live performance.

The federal courts have passed on the issue, so Mary has pushed for the legislation in individual states. Other famous music celebrities have supported her cause.

So far, Pennsylvania, Illinois, South Carolina, and North Dakota have adopted the truth in music legislation.

The Pennsylvania bill forbids, among other things...

"Conducting any theatrical exhibition, public show, public amusement or exhibition, for admission to which a price is charged, without stating in any advertisement of the same, in the case of a musical group, whether or not the musical group performing is composed of the original members or a tribute group."

It's important to note that Mary says tribute groups are OK, as long as the tribute group doesn't purposely masquerade as the original group.

Visit Mary Wilson's web site for complete contact information. You can join her and support her honorable truth in music crusade.

2021 update: See this quick facebook Mary Wilson Tribute we created in honor of her legacy when she passed in February, 2021.

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A Mary Wilson Supreme Fight for Truth in Music
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