0 Bootsy Collins Collars Christmas Funk

I was thrilled to listen to Bootsy Collins' brand new 2006 Christmas CD, "Christmas Is 4 Ever."

Early in his career, Bootsy played bass guitar in James Brown's band.

He went on to much success with his own group "Bootsy's Rubber Band."

Bootsy would eventually team up with George Clinton's Parliament-Funkadelic entourage to make more funky music for the masses.

Mr. Collins has not lost his musical sense of humor. Along side of the laughs, funk fans get the real deal on these energized holiday classics.

"Christmas Is 4 Ever" features Bootsy and recognizable friends serving up some soulful chestnuts.

MC Danny Ray and Bobby Byrd hammer home the Yuletide theme on the opening track, "N-Yo-City."

"Merry Christmas Baby" and "Jingle Belz" are delivered like you've never heard them before with the pulsating Bootsy beat.

Snoop Dogg dazzles with Boosty on "Happy Holidaze."

"Chestnutz," also known as The Christmas Song, is dedicated to Natalie Cole as Bootsy digs into the Mel Torme classic, (immortalized by Nat King Cole).

The next three CD tracks keep the beat pumping. They feature appearances by Fred Wesley on "Boot-Off, and George Clinton on "Santa's Coming."

"Silent Night," "Sleigh Ride," and "Dis-Christmas," (AKA "This Christmas") thump along, with clever holiday anecdotes from Bootsy introducing the songs.

Two original tracks wrap things up, "Be-With-You," with Zapp Troutman on keyboards, and the title song, "Christmas Is 4 Ever," spotlighting vocals from Bootsy and Bobby Womack.

"Christmas Is 4 Ever" is contemporary to the max. Bootsy has done a great job with these holiday classics creating some fresh funky arrangements.

I'll pick "Santa's Coming," AKA "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," as the stand-out track, featuring Miss Candis Cheatham singing co-lead with Bootsy. George Clinton pops in the track to deliver a Christmas message.

Here are the tracks again:

  1. N-Yo-City
  2. Merry Christmas Baby
  3. Jingle Belz
  4. Happy Holidaze
  5. Chestnutz
  6. Winter FunkyLand
  7. Santa's Coming
  8. Boot-Off
  9. Silent Night
  10. Sleigh Ride
  11. Dis-Christmas
  12. Be-With-You
  13. Christmas Is 4 Ever

Bootsy puts this special message on the CD booklet, "Say it loud! I got funk and I got style." Not many Christmas CD's can say that!

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Bootsy Collins Collars Christmas Funk
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