0 Brenda Russell's Class Act

Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Brenda Russell has had a long and varied career. She sings with the flava of many influences: R&B, jazz, classical, pop, rock, and Latin.

A very unique mix indeed.

Russell's bag of talent can be compared favorably to Alicia Keys' portfolio of abilities. Alicia reminds me very much of a young Brenda Russell.

On both their resumes:

  • Excellent piano playing
  • Well written emotional lyrics
  • Accomplished live performance
  • Memorable musical melodies reflecting contemporary rhythmic styles

Brenda's first hit was the ballad "So Good So Right," in 1979. The echo of her signature piano in that song, refined in the haunting melody of 1988's "Piano In The Dark," are both unforgettable.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Brenda grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She started playing piano while singing as a teenager performing in the Canadian production of the rock musical "Hair" in Toronto.

Russell got her first big record deal after relocating to Los Angeles.

Brenda says "I never write songs that are without hope. People have to be inspired to another level."

Brenda Russell is a real class act.

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Brenda Russell's Class Act
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