0 Moments of Harmony for Ray, Goodman, & Brown

Ray, Goodman, & Brown, formerly known as The Moments, recorded many classic R&B hits.

1969's "Love on a Two Way Street" was a #1 chart topper. In 1981, Stacy Lattisaw served up the song with youthful emotion to brand new audiences.

Other memorable Moments hits include:

  • "Look at Me I'm In Love"
  • "With You"
  • "Happy Anniversary"
  • "If I Didn't Care"
  • "Not on the Outside but Inside Strong"
  • "Girls" (with The Whatnauts)

The Moments changed their name in 1978 to Ray, Goodman, & Brown. Their 1979 tribute honoring the divine "Special Lady" was a #1 R&B, and #5 pop hit.

Billy Brown sang lead on "Love on a Two Way Street," "Sunday," "Lovely Way She Loves," "Lucky Me," "I Do," "Inside of You," and "All I Have." Before The Moments, Billy was with a group called the Broadways.

Al Goodman started his career with the Corvettes and the Vipers. After joining the Moments, Al produced and wrote songs for the future Ray, Goodman, and Brown. He's done the same for other artists.

"Look At Me I'm In Love," "Sexy Mama," "Inside Of You," and "Happy Anniversary," are a few of the songs Al Goodman wrote and produced.

Harry Ray was with the group for 25 years, except for a brief period in 1982 when he pursued a solo career.

Kevin Owens temporarily replaced Ray. Owens would permanently join "Ray, Goodman, & Brown" after Ray's untimely passing.

Today, Al Goodman and Billy Brown own the name "Ray, Goodman, & Brown." They continue the tradition of charming crowds with sweet n' soulful vocal harmonies.

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Moments of Harmony for Ray, Goodman, & Brown
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