0 Music Photo Puzzle of Kings

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 04/02/2010

Even if you don't know who this blues brother is, you'll enjoy our newest "King Culture Music Photo Puzzle."

2022 update: This trivia quiz is among the 50 plus quizzes that l created for

The original quiz allowed you to touch the correct answers and see your total score after the final question.

Technology changes. Time marches on. The computer code for the original "King Culture" quiz is no longer supported.

I've recreated this trivia quiz as an image based text game using the original images. The "interactivity" is gone. That is, you can't just touch on the correct answer and see instant feedback for a right or wrong response.

Anyway, you can still play along below, eyeballing the question, and taking a guess at the answers!


A) Who is the King at the top of this page?

  1. King Floyd
  2. Jimmy King
  3. B.B. King
  4. Ben E. King
  5. Albert King
  6. King Harvest


B) She recorded "Shame" at...

  1. 13 years old
  2. 25 years old
  3. 30 years old
  4. 21 years old
  5. 28 years old
  6. 17 years old

C) Who am I?

  1. Earl King
  2. B.B. King
  3. Guitar King
  4. King Crimson
  5. Freddie King
  6. King Anthony

D) Which King is this?

  1. King Lear
  2. Curtis King
  3. King Curtis
  4. King Sunny Ade
  5. King Floyd
  6. Scorpion King

E) This guitar man is:

  1. Freddie King
  2. Austin King
  3. King Midas
  4. King Pleasure
  5. King Solomon
  6. Donny King

F) My big hit song was:

  1. "Groovy"
  2. "Let's Groove"
  3. "Groove Me"
  4. "Old Skool Funk"
  5. "Old School Funk"
  6. "Boogie Shoes"

And the answers are:

A) 5 - Albert King

B) 6 - 17 years old

C) 2 - B.B. King

D) 3 - King Curtis

E) 1 - Freddie King

F) 3 - "Groove Me"

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Music Photo Puzzle of Kings
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