0 Number One Classic Soul Songs from the 1970s

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 09/07/2010

It's puzzle time again with 11 number one classic soul songs from the 1970's.

This is the second of 3 challenges.

The next one will feature the 1960's. We give you the artist name and a hint, you give us the song title.

Good luck!

2022 Update: The board shown is NOT the 1970s board. It is an example board.

Flash technology upon which the crossword puzzle is based is no longer supported. I'm giving you the hints, answers, and the shaded column solution below!


The Hints:

Diana Ross song: valleys, rivers, and ? 1970

Aretha sings Simon & Garfunkel - 1971

Chi-Lites lady - 1972

Spinners romance question - 1973

Big Eddie Kendricks hit - 1974

Repeat after the Staple Singers - 1975

Rufus - Chaka Khan - you are my heat and fire - 1976

Inferno of the snake - Earth, Wind &Fire - 1977

The Chic French come out at night - 1978

Cheryl Lynn keeps it this way - 1979


The Answers:

Powerhouse Radio Puzzle #30


Solutions entered in the correct boxes on the board spell out the mystery song in the shaded column:

"I'll Be There"

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Number One Classic Soul Songs from the 1970s
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