2 Question Time about Mystery Songs

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 05/31/2006

We get more questions about your mystery songs than we have space to answer in our monthly Powerhouse Radio Newsletter (Oct. 2021 - links are being updated), so here's a bunch that have come in recently.

From Carl: "Hello, I have been looking for a song by Michael Jackson that I cannot seem to find. I don't know the name of the song either. It was a song that Jeffrey Daniels danced to on Soul Train.

All I have is the video of Jeffrey Daniels performing to it. I think part of the lyrics in the song go "Why don't you believe me when I say that I love you? I'm crazy bout you!" That's all that I could hear clearly from the video since the sound wasn't all that great.

Here is the link to that video. It's actually the second part of the video where Jeffrey performs" (link removed).

King: I wish they were all this easy. Carl it's "Lovely One" by The Jacksons.


From Natalie: "Please the late 80's I heard a song and I don't know who sang it or the name of it but I know every word to goes like this.."

"When I walked by I was hoping you were home, you smiled and let me in, I told you that I need a shoulder to cry on, you gave me yours again, You said its gonna be alright and turned off the lights and in the darkness you held me tight"...The Chorus goes on to say "the best of friends can be lovers after all."

King: I know this one Natalie (I think). It's on the tip of my tongue (almost)!

If you know the answer, please leave it in a comment so we can make Natalie happy.


From Bella: "I am looking for a song by an artist named muzic? the song is about how he's still gonna love her even when her hair is gray and she puts on some weight. Please help me out!"

King: I'm stumped, so If you know the answer, pop it in a comment below.


From Veronica: "I can't for the life of me figure out what the title of this song is or who sings it. I thought it was the Whispers. Help!? Here are some lyrics from it..."

"I got a letter from someone who knows me
she said that my loving was better than cookies and wine
she told me she's lonely and can't live without me
and she would be grateful if only i'd drop her a line

don't you know that I would really like to
someone tell me who I'm gonna write to
cause the letter wasn't signed

was it from Mary? Was it from...? Was it from...?
Or maybe Sue. Was it from someone I hardly knew?

Or baby maybe baby was it from you?

King: Help Veronica out if you know the song by leaving the answer in a comment. Thanks!

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  • CTJ

    05/31/2006 20:43

    The song Natalie is referring to is "One thing led to another" by Johnny Kemp. I had been looking for that song for YEARS and finally found it tonight!!
  • Carlos

    08/07/2006 19:37

    hi Veronica, i was looking for the exact same song and the only link i found to the lyrics was this one, so i'm on the list of people willing to know about this song. But i'm not so useless, i happen to have it in some very old tape and the person who recorded it wrote down the name of the song as (in spanish): "tu me haces sentir distinto" or "you make me feel different". ... yes, i know that line is never mentioned in the song but, that's all i can say. Maybe it could help :o)
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