0 Shelia E. and Natalie Cole Freeze Frames

Natalie Cole's "I Live For Your Love" is one of the many 7 inch 45 rpm vinyl picture sleeve singles released to promote her music back in the day.

Some of her other picture sleeves include:

  • "Dangerous"
  • "Jump Start"
  • "When I Fall In Love"
  • "Miss You Like Crazy"

Shelia E.'s "The Glamorous Life" and "The Belle of St. Mark" are her two most popular picture sleeves, along with:

  • "A Love Bizarre"
  • "Sister Fate"
  • "Bedtime Story"
  • "Holly Rock"
  • "Hold Me"
  • "Koo Koo"

In 2010, some of these sleeves are more valuable than the records.

You may find some hidden gems lying in a basement, garage, attic, flea market, second-hand shop, or at a used record store.

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Shelia E. and Natalie Cole Freeze Frames
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