1 Thanksgiving Message from Bama the Village Poet

The Last Poets, Gil Scott-Heron, Nikki Giovanni, Sekou Sundiata, and others have married music with the spoken word to deliver powerful political messages.

Another artist of this genre is Bama the Village Poet.

Though mostly forgotten, his Ghettos of the Mind, released in 1974, delivered an array of entertaining, ironic, sarcastic and witty words scored to the beat of musicians Bernard Purdie, Cornell Dupree, Richard Tee, Gordon Edwards, and Billy Jackson.

Bama observed the world, and he critiqued it, with humor and eloquence.

Here's the original vinyl album cover complete with my hand written notes. Listen to his classic piece, "Thanksgiving." It's no turkey.

2021 Update: Watch / Listen below to the updated HD (high definition) "Thanksgiving" production courtesy of our sister website

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  • Kwasi Seitu

    01/14/2008 10:57

    Thank you for that nourishing morsel of the Bama, and it is sad that this great piece of work has been largely forgotten, as has been our need to engage in revolutionary struggle not by those who never knew, but by those who did know. Please, make more of this available for people to hear so that we can remember and hopefully not forget again.
          Thanksgiving Message from Bama the Village Poet
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