4 The Truth about Whitney Houston

For years, Whitney Houston has been hammered mercilessly in the tabloid press. 2006 is worse than ever, as questionable stories pile up from dubious sources.

You may have read the most recent allegations about Whitney's health. Here is the word from Whitney, direct from her official website, posted on May 12, 2006?

"False Reports Regarding Whitney's Health"

"Please note that reports on Whitney's health circulating in the media at present are not true and totally unfounded."

I'm amazed at how fast people will "drop a dime" on the press for a few quick bucks, to sell their "insider stories" to the media.

Celebrities put their faith and trust in colleagues, friends, and family members to do the right thing. Unfortunately, loyalty goes out the window when close associates sell their "insider secrets" for a big payday.

As a classic soul and pop diva, Whitney Houston is without question, a huge success. She's sold over 120 million albums, and 50 million singles worldwide.

The wild side of her lifestyle has been well documented, so the media is not totally to blame when they exploit her legacy.

You may have purchased a tabloid just to read a cover story about Whitney. Were you manipulated?

Being Bobby Brown, the recent reality television show about her husband and family, got big ratings because of Whitney's presence in the program.

The TV show just added to the media frenzy surrounding a well known couple, struggling to remain in the spotlight, and attempting to climb back into the celebrity "A" list.

Whitney Houston is a unique talent, who may have foolishly lost her focus, due to demons that she can't control. I'm not going to cast the first stone, but she hasn't received fair press, even if all of the so called allegations are true.

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  • Janelle

    06/02/2006 14:04

    I love Whitney Houston and i commend her on the hard work she had put in over the years. I must say that her vocal talent has inspired me,to say the least, as a young gospel artist here on the island of Barbados.

    What Whitney is going through is hard and as with everyone else facing similar predicaments, she needs the support of those around her. We must not use this time as an opportunity to pull her down just to sell magazines.

    Do not forget all the good she has done and will continue to do as soon as she is back on her feet.

    We must remember that being a celebrity does not make you any less prone to being human. People fall and they get back up.

    I want to be there when Whitney gets back up and shows everyone her strength as a musician as well as a person.

    I pray for the day we all see you, beautiful, strong, talented, enduring, determined, singing and displaying the talent that God Almighty has given you.

    You will be in my prayers.
  • Cleo

    06/22/2006 12:55

    It's very disheartening to see and hear how Public Media and sometimes friends and colleagues can take an already troubled situation and capitalize more on the problems of that individual, all in the name of the almighty dollar!

    These are the same folkes who "smile in your face, and all the time they want to take your place, the back stabbers." They want to be a part of your clique when you are at the top. But let that star stop shining for whatever reason and see where all those people are then.

    It's no secret Whitney Houston has been and I imagine is still going through the biggest battle of her life. But the fact still remains, she is a human being, a child of the Most High. And anyone who has experienced a set back of sorts can identify.

    A person who is dear to me once said, "Negative publicity is better than no publicity at all." -Frankie Crocker. This was said to me during a down rating book at the then top rated R & B Radio Station in New York. His thought was that, the Media and the Public are still talking about us. In that context, although it may have been negative, the chatter helped to boost ratings for the following quarter.

    In the case of Whitney, I think it is terribly cruel and callous to keep spinning the same story, the story we already know, to sell a magazine. I'd rather read or hear how some reporter or friend got close enough to her to see and hear how she is really doing, her recovery and her plans to turn her life around. I believe Whitney Houston will make a huge comeback!
  • Kingsley Smith

    06/22/2006 16:08

    Janelle, very well said!
  • Okeke Florence

    06/23/2006 09:46

    Whitney i love you and i pray for a quick recovery for you. but i want you to know that is only God can heal you.
          The Truth about Whitney Houston
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