2 Unique Musique Banned in Boston

Musique's 1978 dance hit "In The Bush" psyched out a lot of people who select radio station songs due to suggestive lyrics that seem mild today.

The hook laden refrain "push push in the bush" caused manager imaginations to run wild, even though there wasn't one real naughty word in the entire song.

Earlier in the same decade the word "crap" was edited out of Paul Simon's song "Kodachrome" before some radio stations would play it.

With such sensitivity by radio people not to offend local "community standards" among rabbit eared listeners, the hesitation to play "In The Bush" was not a surprise.

No station wanted a listener to complain to the Federal Communications Commission.

The original Musique featured Jocelyn Brown, Angela Howell, Gina Tharps, and Christine Wiltshire on Keep On Jumpin'.

Pictured here are their replacements, Mary Seymour, Denise Edwards, and Gina Taylor, who were featured on the 2nd album, Musique II.

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  • DJ Spinelli

    04/13/2009 19:58

    this is just plain stupid. wbos (disco 93) and wxks (kiss 108) both played this song quite frequently back in 78. even throughout the years on boston radio, djs played this song on many "disco shows" or "club classics" shows (wzou, wegq, wqsx). who exactly "banned" it? one particular fool who doesn't like disco? a hell bent rock n roll moron music director?

    i still spin disco at a few clubs i currently work at these days and this is one song i play every week with a packed dance floor.
    dj spinelli
  • King

    04/13/2009 20:17

    DJ Spinelli,

    The title of the post is tongue & cheek, not meant to be taken as literally as you've taken it (as a slur about Boston). Yes, it's a fact that the song was definitely banned by several USA radio stations, otherwise I would not have made the statement.

    Since I didn't mention specific stations in Boston, you should have obviously gotten the "poetic license" I took with the article title.

    I can happily say that I played the full album version of the song on the radio in 1978.

    No offense was meant to the great Boston stations you have mentioned who indeed did play the song, and I'm very familiar with Boston radio during this era.

    The phrase "Banned in Boston" refers to literature that was censored in the 19th century, hence, the real meaning of my title, "Unique Musique is censored."

    Lighten up dude!

    The title of this post isn't really click bait, but it is an attention grabbing headline that summarizes a larger issue. I never said in the article that "In The Bush" was REALLY banned in Boston.
          Unique Musique Banned in Boston
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