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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 04/10/2007

In the past few days, top 10 icon Whitney Houston has moved her official website to a new address,


2021 Update: Of course that ego driven u-r-l didn't make any sense. A bad manager's idea? Now it's which makes a lot of sense!


Whitney's career is in "comeback mode." Her website move is hopefully in anticipation of some big things to come.

In an April 3rd message from Dionne Warwick on Dionne's official website, Ms. Warwick, (related to Whitney), says...

"For all that have been asking about Whitney, she is doing fabulously well and is in the recording studio getting ready to send you all her wonderful gift again, and I have passed all of your thoughts and prayers for her on to her."

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Whitney Houston - VIP
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