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Here are the thoughts of student Tevyn C., of Maybee, Michigan, USA, called "School Me."


"I am an honor roll student who spends my spare time studying and teaching black history. It’s more than just a hobby, it’s my passion and calling.

In social studies, we are taught that black people were slaves. I know African Americans were more than that, but I didn’t write the lesson plan.

I wondered how I could get my peers to realize that much of what they use every day was invented by African Americans.

It bothers me that my peers know every athlete and rapper’s name, but know little about our amazing achievements in science, math, and engineering.

When I noticed that teens dress like rap artists, an idea came to me: I imagined a creative, hip way to teach others about African American ingenuity.

I created an educational urban-style line of apparel named School Me: Clothing With A Little Knowledge.

I embellish jeans and tees with embroidered pictures of familiar items like traffic lights, potato chips, blue mailboxes, super soakers, peanut-butter sandwiches, spark plugs, pencil sharpeners, etc.

Kids read my shirt and say, “School Me?” Then I have the chance to give a quick educational lesson about these African American inventions.

People of all ages are amazed by how much information can be learned from just a glance. Everybody pays attention to fashion and I’m the teacher!

For three years I have been speaking at local events while sharing my ideas in mini fashion shows. My goal is to dress a celebrity.

With the support of the hip hop community, I could reach millions of teens. When others recognize the contributions of African Americans, they will have a better appreciation for my culture.

One day I would like to be able to say that I created a trend that diversifies peoples’ options."


A great idea Tevyn. Congratulations for being a leader and taking action. You are moving the legacy of black history people forward. Good luck.