• 0 How Does Black Hair Reflect Black History?

    Will it be gorgeous natural hair for you or box braids, Marley twists, micro braids, cornrows, crochet braids or another style? How does black hair reflect Black History? Find out a lot more in this excellent article by journalist Rumeana Jahangir from BBC News: How Does Black Hair Reflect Black History?

  • 0 The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Makeover

    New films, oral histories, and interactive media. Read all about The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Makeover.

  • 0 Photos of classic books by Dick Gregory, Adam Clayton Powell, and Eldridge Cleaver

    Classic books of the movement: Dick Gregory, Adam Clayton Powell, and Eldridge Cleaver.

  • 0 Langston Hughes and Dred Scott

    Langston Hughes and Dred Scott.

  • 0 Black History Salute Video

    In early 2009, we received a request from a BlackHistoryPeople.com website user in California for a video about black history that he could present at a Black History Month event. We didn't have one, so I created, produced and narrated a 13 minute project that we eventually offered to everyone as a DVD. Here is 2009's Black History Salute Video

  • 0 Bill Cosby Ahead of His Time

    1966. Bill Cosby makes African American history:

  • 0 Black History People Photo Slideshow

      Black History People Photo Slideshow   2018 update: this video was originally a quiz. We removed the quiz. Now the video is a straight 30 second slideshow.

  • 0 The Real African American Cowboys

    Nat, "Deadwood Dick," Love, (1854-1921), was a famous cowboy. He first made a name for himself when he journeyed from his native Tennessee to Dodge City, Kansas. Love was a scout and range boss. He led cattle drives, participated in rodeos, fought the native American Indians, and developed into quite a legend. In 1907, he wrote his autobiography. Rodeo cowboy Bill Pickett, (1860-1932), was born in Texas. He developed the art of "bulldogging," the technique of twisting the neck of a steer by the horns and wrestling it to the ground. The brazen cowboy gained fame from his bulldogging practice of biting the lip or nose of steers. Pickett was a super star on the wild west rodeo show circuit. He toured with the 101 Ranch Wild West promotion throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and England. Pickett was kicked by a stallion and died in 1932. He was the first African American cowboy inducted into the National Rodeo Hall of Fame in Oklahoma (1971). These are the Real African American black history cowboys.

  • 0 A Nova Scotia Mountie Chronicles African Canadians

    Sergeant Craig Smith, a Nova Scotia Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer has won an award for chronicling the Canadian black experience. He's published four books about the history of African Canadians, focusing on Nova Scotians. Find out why Smith wants to get his latest book, The Journey Continues: An Atlantic Canadian Black Experience, into classrooms in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. Samantha Chown of the Herald News has more. Read her update.

  • 0 Black History Heroes of the Underground Railroad

    By the time the U.S. Civil War ended the need for the Underground Railroad, a hero of this black history humanity train personally helped more than 400 slaves escape. William Still's secret journal became the basis of his 1872 book on the underground railroad. Discover more and the Canadian connection in this article by Kenneth Kidd .