0 Harry Belafonte My Song: A Memoir


(note: video/audio will auto play - use stop button below this article) What can you expect to discover when you dive through the pages of the just released Harry Belafonte My Song: A Memoir?

You'll encounter the inspiring life of a great singer, actor, artist, activist, and black history pioneer.

Belafonte is a World War II U.S. Navy veteran, who conquered racism while navigating life's road through Jamaica, W.I., Harlem, New York, and Hollywood.

He became enthusiastic about theater while working odd jobs after the war.

The Belafonte 20th century timeline covers friendships with Paul Robeson, Sidney Poitier, President John F. Kennedy, and first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Nelson Mandela, Robert Kennedy, Marlon Brando, President Bill Clinton, Robert Kennedy, and Fidel Castro are discussed with respect, reverence, and honesty.

Harry Belafonte's passion for activism cuts right to the core of his community awareness. This part of his persona transcends what he may be most famous for: his calypso singer image.

As an African American history original, Harry Belafonte will leave a lasting legacy.

Watch and listen to his one minute video below (it will auto play) as he reflects on the metaphor of song, used in the title of Belafonte's new October, 2011 book.