0 George Clinton & his Gangsters of Love

  • Review
  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 10/07/2008

In September, 2008, P-Funk fans received a new taste of "The Mothership Connection" in the guise of George Clinton and his Gangsters of Love.

In full disclosure, I'm a big fan of the original Parliament-Funkadelic recordings. I have a combined mix of at least 9 of their very early individual vinyl albums.

Somehow, the novelty of funkmaster George Clinton, the "One Nation Under A Groove" guy, recording a new CD of love songs seems out of character with his "Dr. Funkenstein" persona.

Fear not. Clinton doesn't exactly create a Ronald Isley styled collection of standard chestnuts.

Helped by a supporting cast, the tunes stay interesting. Lending their credibility are Carlos Santana, Sly Stone, El DeBarge, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and legendary Philadelphia producer/engineer Bobby Eli.

Still, it's hard to take some of these covers seriously, but then, the original appeal of P-Funk mania was Clinton's zeal for fun and unpredictability.

So get ready for several unconventional interpretations of Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Ruby & The Romantics, The Four Tops, and others.

Either George Clinton and his Gangsters of Love CD is genius, or the joke's on us.

  1. "Ain't That Peculiar"- (featuring El DeBarge/Sly Stone/The P-Funk All-Stars)
  2. "Never Gonna Give You Up" - (featuring El DeBarge)
  3. "Mathematics Of Love" - (featuring Kim Burrell)
  4. "Let The Good Times Roll" - (featuring Kim Manning/Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  5. "Pledging My Love"
  6. "Gypsy Woman" - (featuring El DeBarge/Carlos Santana)
  7. "It's All In The Game" - (featuring Belita Woods)
  8. "Heart Trouble" - (featuring Paul Hill)
  9. "Our Day Will Come" - (featuring Kendra Foster)
  10. "Sway" - (featuring Belita Woods)
  11. "A Thousand Miles Away"
  12. Hidden Track 1
  13. Hidden Track 2
  14. Hidden Track 3
  15. Hidden Track 4

Those 4 hidden tracks feature collaborations with some folks who I guess didn't want their names plastered on the CD jewel case.

Hidden Track 1, borrowing portions of the melody from "I'll be Good To You" by the Brothers Johnson, features a lively rap from guess who?

The final 3 hidden tracks sound like outtakes to pad the CD.

Listen to 1 minute & 12 seconds of Barry White's "Never Gonna Give You Up," featuring George Clinton and El DeBarge.

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George Clinton & his Gangsters of Love
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