0 7 Top Soulful Picks for Classic R&B 2007

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  • by Kingsley H. Smith
  • 12/06/2007

If you look hard enough, and dig deep enough, you can always find good new music.

Here are our 7 Top Soulful Picks for Classic R&B 2007 in order. The releases all reflect the best traditions of vintage classic soul you or someone on your gift list will enjoy.

7 Top Soulful Picks for Classic R&B 2007:

  1. Diana Ross - I Love You - Thoroughly enjoyable over repeated listening. Mostly hit parade oldies from the catalogue of others served up Diana Ross style, packed with diva charm all the way.

  2. Alicia Keys - As I Am - When Stevie Wonder recorded the albums Where I'm Coming From and Music of My Mind in 1971 and 1972, he pushed the boundaries of what people expected from R&B. He also pushed himself forward into uncharted waters as a creative artist. Alicia Keys has taken some risks with As I Am, and has crafted one of the most inventive albums of the year. Excellent stuff.

  3. Thelma Houston - A Woman's Touch - Mostly danceable chestnuts from a grab bag of good time hits and heavies we all remember. A nice effort putting Thelma Houston back in the game.

  4. Chaka Khan - Funk This - Features one of the best tracks of the year, "Disrespectful," with Mary J. Blige. Almost as adventurous as the Alicia Keys release, Chaka lets loose with new tunes and some classics you might not expect. Nominated for a best R&B album Grammy (2007). Let the funky times roll.

  5. Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration - various artists - 50 fabulous tracks from the Stax Records vault to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the southern soul giant. They did make one mistake. Isaac Hayes' "Shaft" appears in its 3 minute 10 second single form, rather than the 4 minute 30 second full version. For a song that won both a Grammy and Academy Award, I would have used the album version.

  6. Chris Jasper - Invincible - The former Isley Brother creates a spiritually uplifting collection of praise worthy songs fusing sacred themes with secular grooves reminiscent of his past hits with the guys.

  7. Patti LaBelle - Miss Patti's Christmas - LaBelle's Christmas album is the best soul/R&B holiday release of 2007. A joyous Hallelujah!

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7 Top Soulful Picks for Classic R&B 2007
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