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0 100 Playable Video Games by the Game Masters

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  • by Kingsley Hugh Smith
  • 08/24/2018

During the spring and summer of 2018, The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia hosted the interactive exhibit: Game Masters. The hands-on presentation is a walk through the history of video gaming from arcade favorites all the way to today's web and console games.

Game Masters

Those old arcade games from the late 1970's through the '80s greet you as you enter the exhibition. We couldn't resist a quick session with the cherished favorite Asteroids. I'd say one of the big hits of this show was a wall - high wall - wide projection of a spectacular dancing game. You know the kind. Watch the three dancers and follow the steps. Easy. Lots of fun.

Missile Command

Young and old relived the thrill of engaging with these great games. From Pac-Man to Minecraft. They were all there.

Hugh Smith at Game Masters

Hugh Smith from Quikthinking Software at Game Masters.

A deeper dive into Game Masters reveals some hidden gems. We liked the recorded game developer interviews along with rare artwork from some of the games. I was also fascinated leafing through a hand written developer storyboard which reminded me of some of my own game planning sketches with notes.

Duet Score

30 legendary game designers are profiled in Game Masters. For the historian, app programmer, or casual fan there's a lot to listen to, watch, and read.

Sim City

For the gamer, the goal is to play as many of the 100 games in the exhibition as possible and beat all the boss levels.

Game Masters

We got to play as many games as possible but didn't come close to the magic 100. Game Masters at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia ends its run on Monday, September 3, 2018.

Game Masters



100 Playable Video Games by the Game Masters
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