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  • 0 Texting With Powerful Images Video

    When I use one of these AAeMojis in my text messages, I'm always asked about them. What are they? Watch my quick 23 second video. We continue to offer them to you for your iPhone or Android enjoyment!

  • 0 I Didn't LOCK DOWN AAeMojis: Here's Why!

    When Android 11 + phone and tablet owners started emailing me about not being able to save our Black emoji collection AAeMojis to galleries on their newer phones, I could have freaked out! I didn't, because there never was a problem for Android 10 or below! I've written about this in lots of earlier posts. Here is the full story in this 2 minute 10 second video. See how I approached the issue to transport frustrated Android users from "disappointment city" to "happy town!" We also acknowledge our enthusiastic fans inside of the magic AAeMojis box! Thanks!

  • 0 AA eMojis for iPhone iPad Video

    Wake up guy! You too can enjoy the AAeMojis experience on your iPhone or iPad. We recently updated the mobile app for iOS complete with a new emoji expression by request. These Black emojis get the job done expressing you when you text. Learn more about African American Emojis for iOS and Android. iPhone or iPad installation is a breeze as I show you in the video below. Just remember to do these important steps in order for iOS: Install the app then open it Download the emojis within the app to save on your device Grant access  Go to Settings> General > Keyboard > Keyboards > AAeMojis Grant keyboard permissions "Allow Full Access 

  • 0 AA eMojis Installation Fix for Android 11+ Video

    In April of 2022 I addressed installation issues with our AAeMojis app for Android. Since iOS is so different everything remains fine for that version in the Apple App Store. For some background see my story about the AA Emojis Installation disaster. Despite my early explanations, here's what really happened. As of Android 11 released in September, 2020, the process for apps to manage storage on phones and tablets of certain app file types was changed by Google to improve security on your device. Android is Google's operating system. Now, you the user must grant  permissions in apps that store images and other files to your device. This 3 minute AAeMojis video explains the new process for installing the app on devices with Android 11, 12, 13 etc. I also do an example for Android 6 - 10. Two different mobile phones were used in the video. One with Android 11, and the other with Android 8 installed. Go to "Settings" then "About Phone" to find your Android device version. Thank you to Lloyd M. and others with the app who contacted me detailing this issue with their phones. AAeMojis version 2.0 is live in Google Play as of October 29, 2022. Our great artist just drew a new expression. There are now 160 emojis in the collection (Android). iOS update is coming soon. Watch the whole video for the bonus tips.

  • 0 A Halloween Tale For Today Video

    A Halloween Tale that will never die. Thank you Steve Gordon for reading the story. Both of us produced a series of these scary audio stories a very long time ago while students at NYU. Enjoy this October 2022, 90 second video production!

  • 0 Shocked Additions To AAeMojis App

    Have you written us asking for a specific style of AAeMojis expressions? Kerra did. She was very detailed about her request so here's what we did. First, AAeMojis are 159 emojis in our collection we call African American Emojis. The name is somewhat of a running gag as these black emojis can represent a variety of different cultures around the world. We challenged our excellent artist to do her magic and she did. Six new emojis have just been added to AAeMojis implementing a few of Kerra's requests. One example is above, and another two from the six are below. Learn more about using these AAeMojis for iOS and Android texting or for Facebook. We love your AAeMojis comments or suggestions across social media and do read them all. Thanks!

  • 0 AAeMojis App Emoji Family Explosion

    In June of 2020, 'smithmalpee' (no relation) wrote us with this AAeMojis app request saying "I would like to see black women with bald head or low natural hair." African American emojis, AAeMojis for iPhone, iPad, or Android are black emojis to light up your emotive text message or Facebook post. I wrote 'smithmalpee' back with thanks for the suggestion stating that we would challenge the artist on our team to create one. Here's an inside baseball fact. Several of our AAemojis app additions come from loyal AAeMojis user suggestions. We originally released the Android version of the app in April, 2018 with 102 emojis. Through two years later, we have consistently added 49 more. Today, there are 151 AAeMojis in the app. If you have stuck with the app for the last two years, thank you! Early users have received the most benefit, as we've updated the app 15 times constantly adding new emojis since 2018. Always remember to refresh your image gallery (bottom of screen 3 in the Android app, bottom of screen 4 in iOS) after you have downloaded and installed the free updates. The iPhone - iPad app version followed the Android version and hit the App Store in December, 2018. So, running with the 'smithmalpee' idea, another new AAemoji (see the top of this post) has been added to the family explosion along with 11 other new expressions in September, 2020. Our artist is working on two more. She'll finish them in mid to late October. Enjoy them all. Thank you again for supporting us. Discover the link above for more details about AAeMojis. Follow us on Instagram @quikthinkingsoftware1 and watch some of our 15 second AAeMojis video movies on Instagram Reels. To watch Reels you have to use a mobile phone (as of this date).

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    I had dabbled briefly into watching Instagram Reels when it was first launched. After a couple of eye-popping minutes scratching my head in wonder, I baled out. One recent evening, I decided to watch Instagram Reels for 90 minutes straight without taking any breaks. Yup, Instagram will love me for this. Instagram Reels is Instagram's 15 second all-video channel, just upgraded to 30 second videos or less. Reels is a Tik Tok derivative. We are not on Tik Tok. Reels joins the Instagram Feed, IGTV, and Stories as the fourth Instagram channel. Between the choreographed dance moves, funny parrot parodies, and delightful doggie tricks, these Instagram Reels videos are very entertaining. The next day after binge watching Reels, on a lark I decided to do one myself. To my shock, this first Instagram Reel I posted received over 400 views in the first 24 hours. Hmm. Not bad. As of this date, only personal and Creator Instagram accounts can use music in their Reels, but Business accounts (what we have) can't. The impediment is music licensing. (Check out the song "7" by Prince & The New Power Generation as he subtly uses innuendo to blast the record companies). With Instagram Reels, a Business account can use voice narration. We have a ton of sound effects that we rarely use. With these things in mind, we produced a 2nd Instagram reel one day after the first. Here are our first two Instagram Reels back-to-back. Each Reel is 15 seconds. The 2nd one has audio:   The motion video in Reel #2 comes from one of our mobile apps. Can you guess which one? My personal experience so far tells me that these Instagram Reels are a lot of fun! Follow us on Instagram and join us for our Feed, Stories, and Reels (Reels is mobile phone only for now). On Instagram we are @quikthinkingsoftware1

  • 0 How To Use AAeMojis App On Social Media Video

    Already seen? Deja vu? Not quite. You've seen some of it, but not all of it. Here's another chapter in our attempt to help you use AAeMojis on social media. What are AAeMojis? Take a look at just a few of the emojis...    They are 139 different proud expressions for iOS and Android to brighten up all occasions. There are no ads and no in-app purchases in the apps. We've done several short videos, (blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.) about the app explaining how to use these AAeMojis on social media. There's even an app video in the Android version, and two app videos in the iOS version. Based on your continuing questions, you've asked for more clarity. 99.9% of the questions we receive are for the Android version. We mean all of the questions! So finally, we've put together a 3-1/2 minute in-depth video showing you how to use these stickers for text messaging, and how to use them on Facebook. Most questions should be answered in this video, especially about the Android version. The video is in four segments showing you how to use the emojis: Texting on iPhone - iPad Facebook comments iPhone - iPad Texting on Android Facebook comments Android I breathe in some fresh air with a noisy plane flying over me outdoors for just a few short seconds in the video introduction before we jump inside where it is quiet. All is revealed for the first time in one video explaining how to use these 139 characters. See how we use the emojis with our phones in the video below, then discover more details reading the AAeMojis app description where there are links to the app stores. Update: We've removed the original video from August 31, 2020 and replaced it with an improved version from January 27, 2021 . Enjoy.

  • 0 133 Ways To Love AAeMojis Video

    When you watch this entertaining video, you'll see that there are 133 ways to love AAeMojis. I tank up on helium to provide guidance in the announce voice track. Turn the sound on if you can. Check out the action! Grab AAeMojis on the App Store or AAeMojis in Google Play. Use them for texting or Facebook.

  • 0 African American AAeMojis for iPhone

    Eight months after we released AAeMojis for Android, our sticker collection of emoticons for iPhone and iPad has been let loose and is live in The App Store. Follow the story of this great entertainment app: October 2018 AAeMojis update September 2018 AAeMojis update July 2018 AAeMojis progress update May 2018 AAeMojis Launch Party Discover all of the AAeMojis for iPhone, iPad or Android

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