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    • by Kingsley H. Smith
    • 11/30/2021

    We love hearing from you when you jump on the megaphone to offer your comments or feedback. Here are just a few mentions listed below that we've received. Most of these comments are recent. I do listen to your feedback. These comments are all unsolicited. K. Johnson regarding AAeMojis for iOS via email: "Nice app, thanks." chAregler likes AAeMojis for iOS, App Store Comment: "I love this app." S. McCloud about Thanksgiving Retro Match 3 Game via Google Play: "Happy and grateful for the game." T. D. Qualls loves Thanksgiving Match 3 Game via Google Play: 5 stars Peanut plays Black History People Game for iOS, App Store Comment: "Love it." Jane Mum eats up Pizza Burger Match 3 Game for iOS, App Store Comment: "I down loaded this app yesterday and have really enjoyed it! I think it's my new favorite !!" W. Bontrager comments about Black History Quotes Express for iOS on the App Store: "Somebody did great work with this app. The quotes are pertinent and inspiring. And it is well-organized." E. mathmatic listens to Black History Audiobook for iOS, App Store Comment: "I love the insight they give on black history." A. Wiggins talks about Black History Express for Android, Google Play comment: "It's good, I found out that there's more than I thought I knew and more that I can learn using this just make sure you keep updating there is more out there to know." S. Thomas expresses herself about Black History Inventors for Android, Amazon App Store comment: "I love it. It is so informative about African Americans I didn't know about." Thank you all! Note that these mobile apps are available for iOS and Android except Black History Express which is an Android exclusive (for now). You can always Contact Quikthinking when the spirit moves you! Here's some more insider info for those of you who regularly follow the thoughts that we write. These are the most popular 2021 items in the Quikthinking Swag Shop (in order): Men's Hoodies Men's Premium Sweatshirts Women's Crewneck Sweatshirts iPhone cases Unisex Baseball T-Shirt Teddy Bear Thanks for your support!  

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