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    As Black History Month 2023 rolls to an end, you may want to get a hold of our 100% free Black audiobook. You'll hear 37 minutes of detailed informative stories reflecting American history. A global influencer is represented in the book too. Black History Audiobook tackles the tough subjects: Affirmative Action, African American Demographics, America's Black Patriots, and African American Authors. Besides the movements, the stories include Thurgood Marshall, Nelson Mandela (he's a bonus), Bessie Colman, Madam C.J. Walker, and 26 more. Listen to samples of nine influential contributors to American history and the world read by me (Hugh Smith) and announcer Shenteria Childs in this short 3 minute video. We read all 30 stories in the app. See the link below the video (you will stay on our website).   Put Black History Audiobook on your iPhone or Android mobile phone. The app is scheduled to included even more great stories in the coming months!

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    On long 3 hour car based weekend commutes across three U.S. states between home and office, I always looked forward to listening to short and longer form audio entertainment. Happily we eliminated this torturous commute several years ago after doing it for 17 consecutive years! Some of these audio vignettes we engaged with were downloaded MP3 or WAV files to a mobile phone. Some of them were podcasts (an audio or video recording). Some of them were radio features. Keeping up with podcasts was always annoying because of the technical tightrope walked between the subscription, download, and playback process. It always seemed as though I was behind the weekly episodes as the new podcasts dropped into my mobile device. What makes audiobooks so wonderful? Simplicity. The ones that don't require subscriptions are the most convenient. You can stay updated on subject material that drives your interest. You can learn more about the things you are really passionate about. Audiobooks also have great entertainment value. Here are three of our iPhone - Android audiobooks you should listen to. Black History Audiobook puts together 30 specially selected biographical Black history stories read by either a female or male announcer. With thousands of free downloads between Android and iOS, this one is our most popular audiobook. Discover more about Black History Audiobook. With 25 chapters reviewing strategies and tactics for approaching the task of finally kicking the cigarette habit Quit Smoking Audiobook is well worth the investment. I recommend you also checkout the article Blowing Cigarette Smoke During a Pandemic that we wrote revealing what the professionals in the medical field have to say about smoking and a health crisis. Finally, there's Brain Health Fitness, a three hour audio presentation that reviews brain enhancement strategies. Audio segments are conveniently presented in 15 minute sections. You can listen to the 12 chapters by topic in any order you choose. See the disclaimer about the material while you learn more about Brain Health Fitness Audiobook for Android.

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    Brain enhancement is the process of developing abilities that allow you to retain memory. When you retain memory, you function better. In our featured Brain Health Fitness Audio Book App you'll hear multiple dimensions of this topic reviewed including but not limited to: Musical Brain Enhancement Regenerative Brain Abilities Machine Enhancement Musical Software In Brain Enhancement Brain Enhancement Recordings Brain Enhancement Relaxation Tools Brain Enhancement Benefits Brain Enhancement Support Tools Super Learning for Brain Enhancement Student Attitudes and Brain Enhancement Brain Health Fitness Audiobook app is a three hour audio presentation broken into multiple chapters that reviews brain workout enhancement strategies. This information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. You'll discover multiple strategies that are discussed for optimizing brain health and brain fitness. Topics include How to reduce stress, finding brain health fitness solutions, the role of music in promoting relaxation, public reaction to brain health strategies, and discoveries made by scientists in the fields of brain growth, aging, and regeneration. Discover More

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    The pleasure of a mobile audiobook is that you can listen anywhere at anytime using the convenience of your phone. Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou above are just a couple of the featured stories in Black History Audiobook. Developed in 2016, then completely updated in 2020, you'll find a wealth of fact based information read by two professional audio storytellers: Shenteria Childs and Kingsley Hugh Smith. Touch our names to see more about us on LinkedIn. I've used Shenteria for years as the female voice in a lot of our apps. She is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am in New Jersey and developed this app. Here are more stories that you will be able to hear in Black History Audiobook. People are important, but so are movements. That's why we've included stories about Affirmative Action, African American Authors, and Brown vs Board of Education. You'll also hear about African American aviators, African American Cowboys, and African American Demographics. The iOS and Android versions are identical with some visual difference as you see below. Both versions are 100% free. You won't find any full screen ads in the app to ruin your viewing or listening experience. Learn more about Black History Audiobook then download to your mobile phone to hear these 30 inspiring stories.  

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    Black History Audiobook mobile app includes informative stories about famous Black history people. There's nothing like seeing a fresh face on an old friend. We introduced Black History Audio Book for Android in 2016, Book 2 in 2016, and Book 3 in 2018. In 2018 we injected the iPhone-iPad version into the App Store essentially combining all 3 Android editions (30 chapters) into one book. As time marches on, we are all challenged to take the past and bring it up to the present. We have rebuilt Black History Audio Book (Android) from the ground up into a similar design that we used for the iOS version. The new Android version 2.0 now has all 30 chapters just like the iPhone-iPad version. Android version 1 along with its children used the B4A (Basic for Android) SDK (software development kit). For version 2 for Android, launched on July 15, 2020, we developed the app in Android Studio. Here are the current apps, side-by-side. Note that to see and open (touch) the list of all chapters, Android uses an arrow at the top right, and iOS uses the lower right circle surrounding 4 horizontal lines (commonly called a hamburger menu). Watch the video below to learn more about the Black History Audiobook. Here are just a few straight talk technical notes about file size on your phone. The original 2016 Android version of Black History Audio Book was 45 megabytes. Version 2 is only 15 megabytes. The good news is we've kept the high quality audio you expect for crystal clear speech inside of 30 interesting stories! On September 1, 2020, we'll retire Android Book 2 and Book 3 since they are no longer needed. Grab the free Black History Audiobook app for iPhone or Black History Audiobook for Android right now and please leave a review. The above links take you to app stores.

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    This is a guest article written by Russell Emmental... Children that struggle with poor reading skills may suffer low self-esteem in school, and fall drastically behind. Those that are not proficient readers by the 3rd grade are 4 times as likely to drop out of high school. It’s crucial for parents to consider options that can help their kids improve their reading ability before it's too late. Audio books are proven to enhance reading skills. They have benefited learning-disabled students, second-language learners, non-readers and those who are struggling with poor reading abilities. With the onset of tablets and smartphones, more audio book apps have been developed to make reading easier for those behind. Minimizes Working-Memory Deficit For students who have problems with reading, their brain mainly focuses on sounding out the words. This makes the learner not concentrate on memorizing and understanding what they are reading. Since audio books don't require much decoding, the reader can concentrate on understanding whatever information they hear. You might notice improved response to questions and confidence once your kid gets accustomed to audio books. The Simplicity of Reading While Doing Other Activities Whether you are in a car, at home or just walking, it's possible to listen to audio books from your phone or tablet. With the right app, all you need is to download your favorite book and play it from your tablet or phone. Parents can also help their children become better readers by listening to audio books together. This can happen when winding your kid down for bedtime or even when you are in the kitchen cooking. It's a better way to bond and motivate your kid to become a better reader. Improves a Student's Exposure For students who are not very good at normal reading, being allowed to use audio books can help them open up. This gives every student a fair chance to use their most preferred reading method to compete with their peers. It will also help to expand the student's knowledge base because they will learn more vocabulary through audio book apps. Promotes Educational Independence Students perform better when they are given the opportunity to use their most preferred form of learning. For instance, it might be easy for a child to understand what is verbalized to them than what they read directly from printed books. Audio book apps give students the independence to choose the reading method that they can understand better. This makes every child feel included and appreciated. It can be a way to improve peer relationships and self-confidence. Fosters a Natural Love for Stories One of the best ways to make your child enjoy literature is through audio books. The use of audio book apps diversifies your kid's knowledge base, which can make them enjoy listening to stories. With time, they will be able to get lost in good stories and books like other students. They are likely to become motivated to read on their own if they enjoy the story. Reduces the Anxiety of Decoding Printed Word The reason most students fail to concentrate or understand things they learn in class is due to the pressure that comes with reading. Since audio books enable the student to concentrate on the meaning rather than the sounding of words, the learner can easily be immersed in what they are reading. It also helps struggling readers avoid the lag time of decoding information. Final Thoughts The main aim of reading is to understand written information. Therefore, audio book apps minimize the hurdles that are presented by printed books. They eliminate anxiety and the difficulties of decoding. About the author: Russell Emmental is a finance journalist and ex-banker. Here are some of our Free Audio Book apps for iPhone and Android from Quikthinking Software for the mobile phone:  

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    The Quit Smoking Audio Book app for iPhone finally joins its Android sibling to offer you a conversational story about easy ways to approach cigarette withdrawal. Watch the video to see both the iPhone and Android versions at work. Visit the highlighted link above (on our website) to read more about the apps or to grab them from the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

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    All three episodes of the Black History Audio Book series are now in one app for your iPhone. We've combined the 3 Android books into one 30 chapter iPhone anthology. The Black History Audio Book for iPhone is now live in the App Store. Watch the video to discover more.

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    These two free Black History Audiobooks have positive stories about American history that you can easily enjoy. You don't need to be connected online or by wifi after you have downloaded the stories. Add both to your collection: Black History Audiobook version one and Black History Audiobook version two in the Google app store. Please leave us a review in the app store with your thoughts!  Thanks!

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    Black History Audio Book 2 has been completed and will pop up in the Android app stores very soon.

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