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    We love social media but we are very disciplined about using it. We would have never been able to create over 50 mobile apps since 2011 without exercising social self-control. That said, we know you get a lot of fun, information, or valuable exchange of ideas from social networks. Opinions matter too. There is no lack of a view point online. In the digital world, you may like the instant speed of a tweet. The visual electricity of Instagram might attract you. You too may watch YouTube video. Facebook fosters it's own sliding scale of reality to be trusted or not. Within my own family there are a few social media Luddite champions! Luddites were English workers who destroyed machinery in the early nineteenth century because they believed their jobs were going to be threatened because of automation. Recognize the similarity to today? Whatever you personally think about the rise of social media as a form of human communication, it is here to stay. It will continue to change as technology marches on. I like responding to the feedback we receive on our social media channels. Most of the feedback comes from Facebook via non-app pages that we also run. More comes by email from app users who need support. We are happy to support you! Pick your favorite way of reaching out, and we'll see you there... Facebook - QuikthinkingSoftware Instagram - QuikthinkingSoftware1 Twitter - Quikthinking Youtube - QuikthinkingSoftware  

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