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  • 0 2 More Apps To Score For Black History Month

    Here are two more mobile apps for you that are winners 12 months a year, but don't let Black History Month pass you by without trying them out! RnB and Hip Hop Quiz Trivia is the game to play to celebrate 50 years of great music. Both Android and iOS feature multiple choice Questions. For iPhone - iPad we add true and false questions. Discover more about the RnB and Hip Hop Quiz triva game. Add AAeMojis to your text messages whenever you want! You'll have 160 Black emojis to use that include special messages for birthdays, holidays, and Black History Month. See more and watch both videos on the AAeMojis information page. "Simply awesome" Tandi Wilder   "These emojis are awesome for texting. I like the assortment of characters. Great job!" Anita Jones   "I love this app" chAregler   "Excellent emojis. I love them on my Android. Really easy to use." Dee Park   "I purchased and installed them today. Now I don't have to go to my iphone in order to dress up my messages. This app is supposed to be ad-free. That is why I didn't install the "free" apps." LaJuana Glaze

  • 0 Mobile Keyboard Game Play

    How good are you at tapping on your mobile keyboard? Sometimes it's frustrating because the keys are tiny. Our Black History People Game app is a mobile keyboard based challenge for both iOS and Android. For any keyboard size, the game is easy. History is an element of the game that introduces lots of famous people from the past. Current personalities are in there too. Watch this 53 second video as I play the game and explain more. Our Black History People Game webpage has the connection to grab this gem from all of the major app stores. 

  • 0 Black History Picture Puzzle App Grows

    Watch this 46 second video as I update a part of the Black History Picture Puzzle mobile App. You'll discover a quick Photoshop Elements trick I use to make text titles look good. Overall, we've added new pictures, improved the photo captions, dropped in a new icon, and upgraded the version of Android.  

  • 0 Audio Game Part 2

    In an early 2018 update: Black History Audio Game (not the real title) I wrote about our efforts to create something new in the mobile game space. Despite the time lag this game is still under development. Compare the recent screen shot below to the one in 2018. Several elements have changed and we expect a lot more changes. I can say that the finish line is near. The complexities of this game needed time and attention rather than an effort to rush it out the door.   As you'll see in our About Quikthinking Software page, we've released 30 mobile apps since 2018 (while simultaneously working on development of this special audio game project). My sense is that by Black History Month February, 2023 or earlier, the first version of this new app will be released. Follow the revision journey in the months to come.

  • 0 Snatching Black History Pictures From The Classroom

    What would you do if your pictures of Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver, and Colin Powell were snatched from your "office" workspace?   Our pictures of King, Tubman, Carver, and Powell are scrambled above. More about that later. A classroom in a Pensacola, Florida elementary school is the "office workspace" I referenced. Do you think that pictures of these African American leaders are age appropriate for young kids? Are photos of George Washington or Benjamin Franklin in an elementary school classroom age appropriate? Is an image of Susan B. Anthony in the same environment age appropriate? I hope so especially if your likeness is on a one dollar coin. Kids love looking at and playing with piggy bank change! King, Tubman, Carver and Powell photos were pulled by co-workers from the O.J. Semmes Elementary School classroom according to teacher Michael James as reported by Minyvonne Burke and NBC News. James asserted to the Pensacola News Journal that he wanted to display the images so students, a majority of whom are Black, could see someone they could relate to. A couple of weeks before the start of the 2022 school year, James quit his job because of this incident. I don't blame him. This story reminds me of another period in my life when I was a program director for a contemporary local New Jersey music radio station. We were the number one station in the city among 14 AM and FM outlets. A few years prior to MLK Jr. Day becoming a national American holiday, I instructed all of the deejays to play Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" once per shift (on January 15 only) so the song would play every four hours. Wonder's song specifically mentions Martin Luther King. The tune is a song of praise and pride. One of the station owners heard the song on-air, called the station general manager, and told him to instruct me to ban the song from airplay. Because of antics like this, I too eventually quit my position. They didn't have to ask me to leave. I thought this Florida story about famous Black Americans was sad. What are people so afraid of? In my high school as a senior, "Asian - African" history was offered as an elective course and I jumped right into it. It was that course that got me interested in learning more about Black history. In Florida, elementary schools, middle schools, and other learning institutions seem to be wary about telling an inclusive, honest American history story. If that's their approach, other trust worthy sources have to be used to broaden information gathering. Here are King, Tubman, Carver, and Powell unscrambled in our Android mobile game Black History Picture Puzzle. The easy mode shown above is simple. The hard mode in the game is a challenge, but provides hours of entertainment.       

  • 0 Black History People Game Keyboarding App

    Voted by The Great Apps and their game players as a solid 9+ on a scale of 1 to 10. The secret sauce in this game is the keyboard.  Below are the keyboards in Black History People Game for iOS on the left, and Android on the right. Get your eyes ready for the action. The letters of the names of our cherished historic notables float down the screen one after another. You touch your keyboard to enter the name before the letters reaches the white horizontal line in the middle of the screen. Hundreds of names, 30 different levels and just enough lives in each round to make things interesting. Put your fingers or thumbs in play to score quickly. We tell you all about each person in a separate scrollable section of this game for iPhone, iPad, or Android so you can zero in on what each person has done. Get into Black History People Game and give your hands a workout!

  • 0 Black History Picture Puzzle App

    Picture puzzles are universal games that are easy to play. Our classic Black History Picture Puzzle mobile app is no exception. We commissioned a couple of artists to sketch some very noteworthy Black History people. They did a great job! Many real photos are also included in the app. Traditional sliding digital puzzles ask you to constantly move pieces around a play board. Don’t worry; this picture puzzle is a lot easier to play. Each puzzle is divided into squares: 20 for the easy level, 80 for the hard level. Touch each square to rotate it until the puzzle piece is oriented into the right position. Complete all the pieces until the overall picture is looking good. That’s it!   In the short 4 minute video below I play the picture puzzle game and show you my best moves! Check it out right now...    

  • 0 Black History People Game App Video Live

    Black History People Game App, the fast paced interactive keyboard busting trivia experience featuring the names of black history people floating down mobile screens in bubbles is out and in the app stores. Watch me play the game live in real time. 30 levels, 3 lives, one chance to get it right! You won't see me play 30 levels, but in the 3 minute video I give you a good taste of what this game is all about by playing a couple of rounds. If you are a journalist please contact Quikthinking Software if you would like access to the digital press kit or press release. Not familiar with all of the famous or unsung icons in the app? Try some of our text based or image based apps to discover more about all of these great people: Black History People, Black History Express, Black History Quotes Express.      

  • 0 Gaming Black History Mobile Apps

    What's the best way to discover something new? Movies, books, slides, video, story telling, word-of-mouth, PowerPoint presentations? Take your pick. You may like to listen, you may like to watch, you may like to read. For Black History, all of these approaches are valuable. Here's another alternative. Can using a creative game format touch those who think soaking up history is boring? Possibly. That's why we come at creating mobile apps from different perspectives. Juicing up the dry sometimes calls for getting very wet. We've done this in bubbles inside an interesting new mobile game. Black History People Game App is our first app that we've released simultaneously for iPhone, iPad, and Android on the same day (January 24, 2020). Coincidentally, it's our 50th app since 2011! The app is now available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store. Get ready for a fast paced interactive keyboard busting trivia experience without questions or simple matches. Take a look at the short 30 second video. Find out much more on the Black History People Game page. Thanks for checking it out!

  • 0 3 Black History Game Apps For You

    Facts and figures are important. At times they are all that matters. We cover that approach in many of our Black History Apps. If you could experience a fun way to awaken curiosity, I bet that approach to discovery would be even more enjoyable! We take both the serious path and the fun road to deliver information about the Black History heroes throughout the centuries. Here are 3 Black History game apps that lighten things up while increasing your knowledge by hopefully motivating you to learn more about the subject. 1) Black History Picture Puzzle App 40 puzzles are in this Black History Picture Puzzle Android app. You'll find the name of each person in the lower right hand corner of the picture. The picture is scrambled when you start the game choosing either Easy or Hard. Touch each small section of the scrambled picture to rotate it into the correct position. 2) Black History People Name Game App More advanced, Black History People Name Game for Android challenges you to make the correct associations about Black History people. You might want to check out Black History People App or Black History Express App first so you find out more about many of the people. 3) Black History People Game App Brand new, not released yet, but coming in late January 2020, this original game is for all ages and is all about pure fun. You can take your thinking caps off while becoming knowledgeable at the same time without even noticing it! Black History People Game will be for both Android and iOS and will include a broad range of Black History people. Update January 17, 2020: Both the Android and iOS versions are finished and fully tested. Watch for the releases soon after approval from Google, Apple, and Amazon.      

  • 0 Black History Picture Puzzle and Name Game

    What happens when you split one memorable black history picture into either 20 or 80 separate segments? Follow along for the answer. If you randomly rotate each segment, you end up with a brainteaser inside of a checkerboard. If we show you the original image, can you quickly put it back together once it is scrambled? Unlike digital puzzles where you must drag the pieces around a game board, the segments in our puzzles rotate 360 degrees so you don't have to move them out of place. Just touch the segments to rotate. It's that easy. Our concept is now a new game. Black History Picture Puzzle features 40 famous folks you will most likely recognize who have taken their place along a talented historic timeline. Once you have solved the picture puzzle, you can try to solve it again, only faster, or move on to the next one. The game keeps track of how long it takes to solve each photo challenge. There is no time limit. Black History People Name Game let's you match groups of related words with specific people. Take a look at the names in the picture below. Here's a fun way to reinforce what you may or may not know about these historical figures. Black History People Name Game includes an optional leaderboard.  Are you at the top? Take the challenge! So get going with both of these games, Black History Picture Puzzle and Black History People Name Game. To master the Black History People Name Game take a look at some of our other black history apps too. They are all loaded with the information you may not have been told about in school!

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