African American Holiday App Gift Guide and Black History Month resources from Quikthinking Software

Black History Quotes Express app for Android lets you find inspiring, motivational, or reflective passages from a hand-picked collection of thought provoking words written by very noteworthy people. These achievers and their quotations are all included in the app. Learn more about Black History Quotes Express.

Black History Express app for Android is an African American knowledge base and fun quiz game. Read more about Black History Express.

Black History People app for Android is a colorful African American history resource. Read more about Black History People.

Black History People Name Game app for Android is a casual word game puzzle with over 200 levels. Discover more about Black History People Name Game.

Black History Picture Puzzle app for Android is a photo puzzle app. We include some famous names for you to reflect on as you twirl the segments into the correct position. Learn more about Black History Picture Puzzle.

Black History Quiz Deluxe app for iPhone or Android is an excellent fact based trivia game for inspiration about people, movements, and pioneers. Take a look at Black History Quiz Deluxe.

The Black History Inventors app for Android includes many amazing African American individuals, some of whom have received U.S. patents. Discover more about Black History Inventors.

Black History Inventors Quiz Deluxe app for Android maximizes the fun. You’ll enjoy two great games plus a fact-filled interactive inventor’s directory. Several hundred quiz questions tie it all together. Tap on an image in the inventor’s directory to hear an audio highlight.

Read more about Black History Inventors Quiz Deluxe.

Black History Museums app for Android is a collection of 51 African American museums and/or cultural connections across the USA organized by state. There is one museum or connection featured for each state and the District of Columbia. Read or listen to a story about each museum. Learn more by visiting the virtual site of each museum. Discover more about Black History Museums.

Black History Expert app for Android puts you in the know. Hundreds of profiles are at your fingertips without any distractions. Discover more and become the Black History Expert.

Black History Audio Book app for iPhone or Android includes informative stories about famous black history people. Discover more about Black History Audio Book, Black History Audio Book 2, and Black History Audio Book 3.

AAeMojis for iPhone, iPad and Android are 112 stickers with a variety of genders and ages. Check out AAeMojis.

Emoji Game QuikMoji for Android offers spinning wheels of fun for all ages. Check out Emoji Game QuikMoji.

Superhero Flyer app for Android is an action game featuring a soaring team of protectors who keep you safe. Check out Superhero Flyer.

Hip Hop Quiz for Android dives into the world of hip hop trivia. We have several hundred questions about the artists that make the beats. You don't have to be an expert to beat the quiz. Multiple choice questions challenge you. Go East coast, West coast, and uptown funky with Hip Hop Quiz.

R&B Music Quiz Soul for Android is a fun filled walk through history designed for casual music lovers. You don’t have to be an expert to answer these questions. Every decade of the R&B classic soul era is included. Read more about R&B Music Quiz Soul.